Ox-Rabbit Compatibility

Ox Husband and Rabbit Wife

She finds him straight, down to earth and reliable while he perceives her as outgoing, caring and petite. But the Ox can be very strict in his expectations and critical of her being disorganised, and she reacts by going into her shell. However, making a conscious effort to know each other and making minor adjustments can be beneficial for both and a marriage may be well worth the effort.

Rabbit Husband and Ox Wife

He is very soft, wise, and welcomes the ideas and suggestions of others. The Ox probably lacks the affection and responsiveness to comprehend his sophisticated personality. The Rabbit, on the other hand, can be very covetous, self-indulgent and egoistical, while she can be practical, loyal and self-disciplined. They could compliment each other’s qualities wonderfully if they want their relationship to flourish.



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Rat-Rat Compatibility
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
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