Dragon-Tiger Compatibility

Dragon Husband and Tiger Wife

This is quite a dynamic union. Both partners are outgoing and hyperactive. They could compliment each other very well provided they understand each other’s need for space and freedom. She may respect him but will cling to her identity, while he will be asking for trouble if he tries to subdue her. They are both short-tempered and will resist any attempt by the other to dominate the relationship. If they can maintain a harmonious balance, they will enjoy a very fruitful union.

Tiger Husband and Dragon Wife

Both are brimming with energy, courageous and go-getters. But they tend to push each other too much, and it may lead to a situation where, when their initial drive has faded, there is no one left to complete the job. They are both domineering by nature and will get along well only after a healthy give and take formula has been established.



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Rat-Rat Compatibility
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
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