Dragon-Boar Compatibility

Dragon Husband and Pig Wife

The Boar wife is very cooperative and will always support and encourage her ambitious husband. His is impetuous while she is forbearing and tolerant. He is combative and she loves to be the one to negotiate peace. They will face no trouble in pursuing the same goals. She is faithful enough to devote herself totally to whatever mission he chooses to undertake. She is ready to forego the limelight for him as long as he makes her feel wanted.

Pig Husband and Dragon Wife

This union will be reasonably successful and the gains will be more than the losses. Both are enthusiastic and compelling in their own separate ways. The commanding Dragon lady could inspire any spouse into a flurry of activity, or crack him in the process. The Boar is willing to bend rules to please her and will be tireless in his devotion. They are equally matched in their love for physical activity. They have a common fault and that is that they can get carried away by their own enthusiasm, and there may be no one to keep them in check.



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