Dragon-Monkey Compatibility

Dragon Husband and Monkey Wife

Emotionally and mentally this is a compatible match. He is drawn to her charisma while she appreciates his skills of leadership. Both are go-getters and their performance is more than average. They will make a bright couple. Together, the two will look for new frontiers to explore and advance. Both are sociable and will do well both professionally and at home.

Monkey Husband and Dragon Wife

This union is an excellent match, as both are able to make the best of each others’ positive forces and this leads to lasting togetherness. He is pragmatic and clever, while she has sufficient energy and determination for two. He will do all the planning and she will raise the bar each time. He loves a tough task and she backs him up with a lot of motivation. Both will listen to each other, share ideas and will have a harmonious relationship.



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Rat-Rat Compatibility
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
Born under the same animal sign, these two possess similar traits. However, they may fail to see eye to eye sometimes, especially if one of them is a bit too much for the other. For example, t





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