Dog-Rooster Compatibility

Dog Husband and Rooster Wife

A run of the mill relationship is predicted for this union. Both are intelligent and straightforward but may be easily disenchanted by the other’s frailties. As a rule they work hard to be good to others, but this union could bring out the most disagreeable traits in them, and make them stubborn. Both are short-tempered when thrown the bait and can be really belligerent. The Dog is relaxed and cool as long as he is not provoked. The Rooster is sincere and upright, but she is too inflexible in his views which will upset the Dog. She will make him feel that she wants to change him and he will never take that.

Rooster Husband and Dog Wife

Both signs in this union have refined minds, lay a great deal of store by their integrity and are confident. Both are also very blunt in speech. If he starts to crib about the Dog’s faults, she could respond by discarding all attempts at harmony and pay him back with the same coin. Since both have short tempers, they could end up hurting each other quite often. A normal, healthy relationship is possible only if one of them is mature enough to lay down his arms.



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