Dog-Ox Compatibility

Dog Husband and Ox Wife

Both are trustworthy and faithful and will conduct their marital duties responsibly. However, problems could come to the fore due to the Ox’s overbearing and rigid attitude. The Dog likes to have freedom of speech and equality and may not tolerate the narrow-minded Ox for very long. The Ox, on the other hand, may dislike the Dog’s straightforward and outspoken ways. She can hold a grudge for too long. They both criticise triviality and unfairness but are sometimes guilty of these qualities themselves. This union will require a lot of adjustment and compromise from both parties to be workable.

Ox Husband and Dog Wife

The Ox is taken up by money and status and hates to depend on anything or anyone. The dog is benevolent with an uncluttered mind and a devoted companion. However, he could be too harsh and want to subjugate his friendly and open-minded wife, which may not go down well with her. She could react in a hostile way if pushed into a corner. He is prone to be too opinionated and detached, and may not like her cold and lucid logical questioning. These apart, they are more than happy in each other’s company.



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