Virgo Nature

Virgo Nature

Your sign of Virgo is symbolised by the Virgin, which depicts purity. You can be prudish but are not invariably so. You have a very h5 sense of good and bad, which makes you highly discriminating. You have an uncanny ability to sense the ulterior motives of people. This makes you very circumspect in your dealings with others. Though you are rather passive, when the situation demands it, you can be very agile. You are a cleanliness freak, which may seem irrational to others. Although you are intelligent, you can frequently feel confused about your daily chores. You may not exactly be an extrovert, but you are good at making new contacts. Your keen sense of responsibility can often lead to heavy stress. You can be emotional, too, but you rarely make your emotions public, preferring to keep them to yourselves, which, at times, can add to the stress. You tend to be over-critical most of the time, which can rub your near and dear ones the wrong way. You are sticklers for tidiness, and everything around you will be in a neat and clean condition. In order to sail smoothly on the personal front, it is important that you sort out issues as soon as they arise. Here, Personal Ask 3 Questions report may be very helpful to you. This report will be prepared basis your birth details and hence completely personalised.
Virgo Key Planet – Mercury:
Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury which symbolises not only your thoughts but also the way in which you express them. It is also the planet which is in charge of all language. It moves around the Sun faster than any other planet. Mercury is also about your intellectual discrimination, which helps you sift the good from the bad. This key planet of Virgo is about judgement regarding every bit of information that enters your mind.
Virgo Sixth House – Work:
The Sixth House is related to your performance and efficiency in the tasks related to work and not necessarily career. It influences your duties and responsibilities regarding your personal life apart from the job which earns you your bread and butter. This sector is also where you look to seek knowledge about health and healing. It is not only about work routine but also about the daily habits of hygiene – the neatness and cleanliness that you give so much importance to.
Virgo Element – Earth:
You belong to the Earth group and quite rightly so because Earth represents pragmatism. You are extremely practical in your thinking. You have a logical mind. You also have an uncanny ability to sense when somebody is trying to deceive you. According to astrological principals, you live with your feet firmly placed on the ground. You tend to accept only that which is real, not what is still in the realms of the imaginary world or fantasy. That is why your suggestions are much in demand from others.
Virgo Strength:
Sagacity is your most h5 point. In fact, you are the most level-headed of all the Zodiac signs. You have an analytical mind which helps you approach a situation critically. You are gifted with the powers of discrimination. It is hard to deceive you since you can see through such things. You also are unlikely to fall for show of power, money or status.
Virgo Weakness:

While being practical is your major strength, overdoing it also makes it your weakness. You are a cleanliness freak and at times unnecessarily so. You are suspicious of everything and everyone around you. Being too nosey is another weakness of yours. Your nature of trying to put everything in the right order can be irritating to other people. Is your approach towards career and other important matters keeping you away from success? Get Remedial Solutions for Career to know how you can work on your weaknesses and march towards your career goals with confidence. You may also like to read about Virgo Facts.

Virgo Habits:

The Virgos can make an obsession out of their need to keep themselves and their surroundings neat, clean and organised. This habit is actually rooted in a fear of filth. What they need to understand is that it is more important to feel good than to look good. Occasionally, they need to indulge in messy activities just to realise the fun element in them. One good habit they have is that they can live comfortably on a tight budget, and in order to save more, many of them can even give up smoking. Did you know that Jupiter, the planet of wealth, fortune, finances and wisdom, greatly affect your life? Get one of our highly recommended reports – Jupiter Transit Report– to know how this mighty planet will affect your life in the coming period. Our astrologers will analyse your Birth Chart and forecast the effect Jupiter will have on your life. 



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