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What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Taurus?

The Bull may be stubborn, powerful and irritable, but Taurus compatibility suggests that they can be extremely sensual, peace-loving and connoisseurs of beauty, and will get along like a house on fire with people who possess these qualities. Although the Taurus native is very hard-working, he/she can sometimes be very indolent, risking the ire of his superiors. Taurus love compatibility also indicates that they hit it off with other like-minded people on the romantic front.

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Taurus Natives Are Most Compatible With: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Taurus horoscope compatibility shows that Taurus natives have a deep need for security, luxurious comforts, and possess an interest in developing long-term relationships, which is the same with natives of Cancer. Cancer natives are as sensitive and sympathetic and will stick to each other through times thick and thin. These qualities are also a turn-on for both in the bed, according to Taurus compatibility.

Taurus compatibility chart shows that Capricorn sun sign natives also share a profound need for security with them. The Goat has a natural instinct to find ways of earning more money, and thus make a perfect match for the security-loving Bull. The Taurus love compatibility meter indicates that both are sensitive and passionate, and therefore a session in bed will be extremely satisfactory for both.

Another sign as per Taurus zodiac compatibility is Pisces. Both Taurus and Pisces signs have several similarities. They love peace, beauty, art, and music, and on the basis of these similarities they are capable of building a long-term relationship. Even their differences compliment each other. The Bull is grounded and provides stability to the Fish, while the Fish, given to a copious imagination, not only lends variety to their lives, but also conjugal bliss, going by the Taurus compatibility.

Taurus Natives Are Least Compatible With: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius

The Taurus compatibility lists Aquarius as a sign that is among the least compatible with them. The Aquarius native is careless and detached, even in relationships, and they tend to go against the grain of the attitude of the stability-loving and sensitive Taurus. Also, the Aquarius native is experimental, while the Bull is traditional and they are thus unlikely to gel, even when it comes to making love.

Another zodiac sign with which Taurus natives are not compatible is Gemini. According to Taurus compatibility, Gemini and Taurus have varying levels of energy. Taurus is slow and steady, while Gemini likes to take things on the run. Moreover, the Bull loves stability, while Gemini abhors it and loves variety, to the point of being fickle. Even sexual relations between the two fizzle out quickly with neither deriving much satisfaction from the union, as per Taurus best compatibility.

Taurus compatibility chart shows that Sagittarius is another sign with which the Bull does not get along too well. To be sure, their sexual encounters can be satisfactory on a physical level, but as they do not appreciate each other’s innate qualities, the relationship does not have much of a future. Taurus compatibility has it that the two signs Taurus and Sagittarius fail to recognize each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

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