Cancer Romance

Cancer Romance

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal; Feminine; Negative

Ruling Planet: Moon

Declaration: ‘I feel’

Lessons to give in love: Tenderness, devotion and sensitivity. Affectionate and caring.

Lessons to learn in love: Ability to let loose and let go and power to express openly.

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Cancer Love Personality:

The Cancer native yearns for change, and yet is afraid of it. The stage of life that Cancer represents is perhaps the trickiest stage of human life. No wonder, Cancer natives deal with sufficient emotions, many of which are new to them, yet very real, very deep. With keen intuition, they observe others, and sharpen their instinct. The troubled Cancer wavers and becomes confused, sometimes too clingy; at other times, absolutely carefree. The wavering moods of the Cancer natives wax and wane with their ruler Moon, making them prone to frequent swings and spells of depression and longing for the past. In a negative manifestation, Cancer natives may become too hung up, refusing to accept their flaws, while being cowardly, stingy, irritable and locked up. Nonetheless, you can get Your Astrology Profile report, basis your Birth Chart, prepared by our expert astrologers, to learn everything about your personality.

Love for the Cancer is:

An emotional security cover, a need that is all-pervading. Love is ‘home’ to a Cancer! The desire to be loved gives rise to a deep sentimentality in the Cancer. Experiences of the world, the feelings of loss on love not being requited makes them emotional wrecks, and they become inconsolably depressed and withdraw into their shells. It is very difficult for them to let go and move on. Never take chances when it comes to pleasing a Cancer lover. Besides, you can avail a 100% personalised Ask A Love Question service, which is based on your Natal Chart, to get instant remedies for your love life. Read more on: Cancer Compatibility

When Cancer in Love:

The Crabs love with all their senses, all their might – completely and irrevocably. Cancer makes for a gentle, sensitive, caring and loving mate, who is sensible and cautious, and loves to create a secure home and hearth. But then, they also need an equal amount, if not more, back from their partner. Do you wish to know how powerful is your romance? Then just go for Romance Potential Reading, based on your Natal Chart. Prone to umpteen mood swings at all stages of his life, the Crab may become reclusive from chatty mode in one moment. On the contrary, a generous person may turn into a stingy person. Ideally, the life-partner of a Cancer should be ready to go that extra mile and help the secretive Cancer to open up. Crabs can't handle hurts and insults – their silent anger is well known. Moreover, to learn about the romantic side of your personality, you may get Your Romantic Personality report, which is based on your Natal Chart. You might also be interested to read about Cancer Relationship.


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