Cancer Relationship

Cancer Relationship

As a Lover
A Cancer native is very sensitive, and more particularly in matters of the heart, says Ganesha. When they like someone, they will love and care for them without a second thought. It does not take too long for them to fall in love, but they generally choose a mate who can understand their feelings and emotions as far as possible. They tend to avoid people who are shallow or over-ambitious. The Crab will seek out a partner who has a strong gut-feeling. Once they have identified such a person, they will get into a relationship for life. They are devoted partners and love children. Moreover, you may avail Friends Or Lovers? Service based on your Natal Chart, to know whether your friendship can turn into a love relationship or not and to know this check your match making right away . Read more on: Cancer best compatibility

As a Father
The Crab as a father will be very affectionate and caring. They are very attached to their children and will never get angry with them. They will not even use harsh words, as they cannot bear to see even a trace of pain on the face of their children. They are always at the beck and call of their children, and which child would not love this? However, they need to be a little more firm with their children when they see them getting into the wrong kind of company, or getting into bad habits.

As a Mother
The Crab mothers dote on their children. They are perceived to be the best image of a mother as they are the most soft and loving at heart who would pour their love not only on their children but even on their friends as well. They will be very attached to their children, and will not let even the shadow of anything harmful touch them. They can be the over-anxious kinds when it comes to their children. They will do their best to provide all the necessary comforts to their children. Further, you may also get the fully personalised Parenting Profile report, basis your Natal Chart, to become a better parent.

As Children
The Crabs are known to be very obedient and sincere children who would be very devoted to their parents, and do their best to make their parents proud of them. They are very sensitive children who can be easily tutored through love, but if their parents are harsh with them, they feel very hurt and could very possibly go in the wrong directions. Under such circumstances they can become depressed and frustrated. Besides, we suggest you to get Your Child's Astrology Profile report, which is based on the Birth Chart of your child, prepared by our experienced astrologers, to know the positive and negative qualities of your child.

As a Boss
The Cancer employer is amiable and mostly very popular among his workers. His soft and caring attitude, and encouraging and motivating nature, brings out the best in his employees. The Cancer employer provide all facilities for their employees to work efficiently and also provide ample learning opportunities so that employees can constantly update their knowledge base and keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing technology. The Cancer employer knows that a happy and contented employee will indeed be much more productive for the company. Moreover, as a boss you can get Ask A Business Question report, basis your Natal Chart, to get solutions for your business related queries.

As a friend
A Crab in friendship will be a fully devoted friend who would be very attached and loyal to his or her friends. They tend to have a large friend circle and will be always there when a friend requires any kind of help. However, a Cancer-born can be very sensitive and can be easily hurt by harsh words from their friends. You might also be interested to know about Cancer Romance.


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