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How to Make Decisions that Pave the Way for Success

How to Make Decisions that Pave the Way for Success

We learn to make decisions from a young age depending upon what our early experiences were. As we grow older, our decisions are pretty much automated. We subconsciously make countless choices for ourselves. How our lives turn out to be, depends pretty much on our Everyday choices. 

Last night I chose to be out with my friends, even when I knew I’ll end up not working on my hobbies, or things which actually make me happy. 

Our life changes, even tiny choices.

Our mind generally revolves around the big decisions like what Career to choose, which marriage partner to choose or which property to invest in or buy. Those are the goals, right? These important choices unquestionably affect us. However, we frequently ignore the countless “insignificant” choices we make every day that progressively shift our course away from or toward the goals we aspire to. Small things, but seemingly not so small, like eating snacks or how we use our free time, can be equally alarming. 

Each action we take is a choice. Our lives have been formed by every choice we have made up until this point. When we choose to watch a TV show, we are choosing to put off anything else we might have wanted to do. Perhaps you want to start a business, get in shape, or learn a foreign language. Whatever it is, watching Netflix takes time away from that objective. 

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Nobody becomes obese overnight. We won’t be overweight tomorrow if we decide to eat that extra piece of chocolate today. We won’t be overweight the next day even if we decide to have another chocolate tomorrow. However, if we decide to have chocolate every day, after a while, it’s difficult to avoid becoming overweight.

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Here are six tips to help you make better decisions: – 

  1. Too much of anything, we mean anything, is always going to be poisonous. 
  2. The most effective way to make a correct decision is to push that automated brain to rethink the decision and its consequences.
  3. By asking ourselves if we want the same results over and over again? If the old way isn’t working, chucking it will surely help. New doors won’t open with old ways. 
  4. Find a way to peacefully accept a decision now. No matter how boring it is. Eyes on the goals. 
  5. Beware of peer and social pressure. They mean nothing to you, honestly. 
  6. Less is more. More is less. The more options we have to choose from, the less satisfaction we have out of that decision. Limit the options.

Hope this article helped you make a better decision today 🙂 

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