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Are You A Scorpion? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are You A Scorpion? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Scorpio zodiac sign is a fixed water sign and the individuals of Scorpio are intense. It is ruled by the powerful planet, Pluto. Scorpio individuals are nurturing and supportive of their mates.

Your companions would have intense experience and deep conversations that would lay their hopes, needs, and inner feelings. Your friends would be trustworthy to you and would be a poisonous tail for the one who would ditch you.

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Let us see who is Scorpio’s best match and who is the worst enemy for Libra.

Scorpio’s best compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Best Friend match for Scorpio

Intense Scorpions and the bulls are astrologically opposite to each other but your pal is trustworthy to you. Bulls would keep your secrets every time and so you adore them for that. Bulls would make you laugh aloud and tears would come from eyes while laughing on their funny gigs and sense of humor. You would save your pal from doing unfortunate mistakes due to your uncanny intuition.


Cancer is the best sign for you and your friendship with crabs would happen naturally. You adore the affectionate nature of the crabs and simply love them when they plan the feast for you. Your pal would appreciate your intuition and the way you understand them even when they don’t share their feelings. You and your pal enjoy water sports and hands-on activities.


Scorpion matches well with Virgo individuals and Virgos would be your good friend as they lend your much-needed perspective with a down-to-earth attitude. Your pal knows you in and out and you can do your reality check by talking to them. Virgos would give you honest and tactful opinions from their in-depth analysis related to you. You inspire your pal to express their emotions and encourage them to have a love for reading and writing.


You and your pal have an instinct for who would support you and this is the reason you have friendship with the individuals of your own sign. You know that you can rely on your pal at the time of uncertainties and trouble. You and your pal have a good sense of humor during the tough times and this is the secret of your smooth sailing friendship with fellow Scorpions.


The goats’ stable influence would help you to gain great comfort and your tremendous passion towards life would influence your pal. Whenever you feel your life is overwhelming you, go to your goat pal for stability. The practical Capricornians would advise you and your life would be streamlined from a storm and hurricane. You ignite an inner spark in your pal when it gets extinguished due to the distress of the world.


The fish are your soulmates as they really accept you as you are. Your disfiguring feature is adored by the Piscean and this is the reason your pal would come in contact with you in the first place. Pisceans accept the flaws of all individuals and lend humanizing factors in all relationships. You and your pal enjoy discussing religious topics and have a deep interest in spiritual subjects.

Scorpio worst enemy: Gemini, Aquarius

Worst enemies for Scorpio


You and Gemini individuals are contrasting personalities. The chatters and constant talking habits of twins would irritate you and they also hate your moody silence. You and Gemini individuals cannot be changed and have our own ideas to conduct your life. This is the reason it would be difficult for you to be friends with the twins. Independent in nature, Gemini individuals find your jealousy unpleasing and you can’t understand their composure.


You and the water bearer would always think of changing one another all the time. The water bearers are utterly unpredictable for you and it is a great challenge for you to understand them. The water bearers don’t resist your charm. Your ability to perceive things that are buried under the earth would astonish the water bearers and enforce them to bite their nails. You can’t bear their forgetfulness and they can’t bear your jealousy. Hence, both are unusual personalities to be friends with each other.

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