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Importance Of Shubh Muhurat

There is a need for an auspicious time to carry out any task. To get an optimal effect, they should be done during an auspicious muhurta. One should consider the appropriate time before starting any venture for the successful completion of the work and to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives. The basis of every auspicious Muhurat is the date, nakshatra, position of the Moon, and position of planets.

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The word ‘Muhu’ means moment and ‘rat’ means order. Thus, Subh Muhurat is said to be a selected good time for doing something.

If one is planning an important event or project and especially wants it to be successful, He should choose the best time available within a particular “window of time,” to get the best results. This is called Muhurat.

Thus ‘Muhurat’ means to take out an auspicious time for starting work by predictive astrology, which leads to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work.

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Can an auspicious Muhurat, before starting any new task, change the future? Or starting a new venture on Subh Muhurat change the success rate?

Success is determined by three things: concentration of mind, determined effort, and the will of God. So, out of three factors, two depend on us and one on God. The true ‘Muhurat’ is one when one remembers God, and thus, Subh Muhurat, suggested by astrologers, cannot go against the law of God. They can only bring possible changes.

It is a common practice in Hinduism to perform or avoid activities like important religious ceremonies based on the quality of a particular Muhūrat. One or more Muhurat are recommended by the astrologers when performing rituals and other ceremonies. Astrologers calculate a moment for religious activities so that possible divinely-sourced problems can be averted.

If something is worth doing, it should be done properly; that is when all factors, including time, are favourable.

Astrologers go through a Natal chart – with varying degrees of success and suggest the Subh Muhurat. To get the desired results in new ventures, different frames for different kinds of work are decided, for which the combination of Panchang, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Karan and Yoga is considered. ‘Muhurat’ cannot change the conditions, but it can change the directions. From this point of view, Muhuratas have been very important in our lives. Shubh Muhurat for various purposes like health, long life, prosperity, growth in business, favour from the seniors, Promotions, Education, increases in intelligence, victory over enemies, Happy married life and Children, etc., should be determined.

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If the seed is sown by farmers in an favourable Muhurat in October & November, the crop is good. The same way if new ventures are started based on auspicious Muhurat increases the success rate. Thus the person receives auspicious results if he carries out some work in an auspicious Muhurat.

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