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Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Sagittarian Individuals

Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Sagittarian Individuals

Sun truly rules the Universe as per the Vedic astrology. It may be a star as per Science but is taken as a planet in astrology. In fact, in the Hindu religion, the Sun is of so much importance and is actually worshipped as a deity. Astrology states that if you offer water to Sun during Sunrise, all your doshas that have been spelled in your birth chart are completely eliminated. Worshipping the King of all the planets brings on great confidence and physical stamina in an individual. Sun thus comes to symbolize the soul, father, ancestor and even government service.

Sun is said to spend nearly one month in every zodiac sign and usually often takes around one year to travel to the next one or go around the complete circle of the zodiac. A positive position of Sun in the birth chart will bring positive results. It helps you to maintain self-poise and keeps you balanced. On the other, incorrect positioning will only bring about malefic effects that can badly disturb you mentally.

The transit of Sun in Libra is all about balance, rekindling your connections and also soothing the soul. It is on this 18th of October, the Sun will transit from the Virgo to Libra till November 17, 2019. The transit of the Sun in the Libra sign is going to take place in the eleventh house of your Janampatri and this house is ruled by Aquarius sign which stands for success in life and for your elder siblings.

You would be highly confident in the workplace and complete daily tasks with high efficiency. Your confidence would help you to achieve your goals with ease.

You would be more responsible during this transit period. You would be ready to take extra responsibility and carry current responsibility with perfection and high efficiency.

You would plan your activities and tasks efficiently before executing it. Your goal would be to do all the task at the workplace with high efficiency and perfection. Your efficient planning would help you in accomplishing your personal goals and company goals as well.

The best part of this period is that your efforts at work will find suitable appreciation. This means that anything you undertake will be thoroughly examined and you will be suitably awarded.

It is a time where you may also get your long due promotion. Promotion at the workplace would provide you opportunities to grow and progress in your career.

In this world where every day new technologies are introduced, it becomes imperative to constantly keep brushing up our skills. So in case if you are planning higher studies suitable to your profession, it will bring in all the desired benefits. If you’re planning to do any certified or professional course related to your career then it is the best period to do it. The courses would be beneficial for your career growth.

You should update yourself with innovation and changes coming in your industry. Keeping yourself updated and extra knowledge of your work field would prove to be beneficial for you.

You have to do sincere efforts to get help from your colleagues and friends.

Your networking at personal and professional work would increase. The increased network would be beneficial for you in the future. Networking will bloom and you may get a chance to meet some popular personalities.

On the other hand, transit also spells a time of caution in your personal life. You stand a chance to be cheated by your partner if you are not careful. Just maintain a balanced approach in relationships and things will remain smooth. On the positive side, you will develop a great bond with your father and this may bring you some financial gain.

Health remains vibrant and great. You will in fact feel more versatile than before. Also, your ruling Lord being Jupiter, you will feel skewed towards religious activities. It will be a period where you will discover your real self and experience spiritual inclination. It is possible you also visit some religious places with your family.

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