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Are You Belong To Cancer? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Friend and Enemy

Are You Belong To Cancer? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Friend and Enemy

Cancer is a Cardinal Watery Sign, and individuals of Cancer are the nurturer. Cancer is ruled by the emotional planet, Moon, and you usually look for stability in friendship.

Cancer individuals nurture, show love and protect their friends like a family member. You are usually a bit tricky, moody and less communicative but lay a solid foundation of trust and affection with your friends.

Compatibility is also based on Moon signs. Get a consultation from our expert astrologers and know which moon signs can be your best friend match or worst enemies.

Let us see who is Cancer best match and who is the worst enemy for Cancer.

Cancer best compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Best Friend match for Cancer


Cancer friendship with Taurus individuals is very close, and you feel an immediate kinship with them. Taurus individuals would be Cancer best friend. Your Taurus friends always understand your comfort, security and stability. You always appreciate your Taurus friends their need for money in the bank, good food and luxury. You both are very creative and take pleasure of steady jobs, comfortable homes and loving families. You enjoy each other’s company most of the time.


Your friendship with Cancer individuals can be absolute bliss. Cancer individuals would make you laugh harder and you both would have an uncanny instinct about people and sense of absurd resonates deeply with your own. You would have great delight in your Cancer friends well furnished and comfortable homes. You would love to fix meals together and would be highly delighted in spending time with each other. You and your Cancer friends usually have a special language to talk, and both know how to hold money and make money. Discover the more exciting Cancer Traits.


The best sign for Cancer is Virgo, and Virgo individuals would be your favourite among all of your friends. Your Cancer friends know your choices well and always meet your expectations. You usually get advice from them, and they render their opinion without hurting you. They appreciate your love for them, and you teach them the value of unconditional love.


Cancer matches well with Scorpio. Scorpio individuals prove to be a fulfilling and enjoyable friend for you. You and your cancer friends are very deep individuals and like to get beyond the surface of everything. You adore the possessiveness of Scorpio individuals as it makes you feel wanted and needed. Scorpio individuals also appreciate you nurturing, and you and your Scorpio friends have many common interests and enjoy each other’s company most of the time.


Cancer and Capricorn are astrologically opposite to each other. You are emotional, and Capricorn individuals are practical. You both overlook the shortcoming between you for creating a lasting friendship. You balance each other well, and that is the secret of your friendship. You both appreciate antiques, fishing and other activities.


Cancer friendship with Pisces would be full of joy and happiness. You adore the nature and choices of Pisces individuals and they also adore your financial sense. You both have much common interest and would have a bond for a lifetime.

Cancer worst enemy: Aquarius and Leo

Worst enemies for Cancer


You are traditionalists, whereas your cancer individuals are a rebel. You love comfort life while Aquarius individuals reject material pleasure. You are emotional, and Aquarius individuals are logical, and so it is very difficult for you to keep a friendship alive with Aquarius individuals.


You and Leo individuals don’t know what to make out of each other. You would find Leo sign individuals bossy, self-centered and stubborn. Your leadership abilities are stronger, and they never understand this. Leo individuals are outgoing and expressive, and you love to be in your zone and share your feelings with only close ones. Leo individuals usually won’t understand your tearful outburst.

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