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Assembly Elections 2023 Astrological Predictions Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana

The impact of Moon-Saturn Mahadasha in BJP’s foundation chart indicates progress amid some stiff challenges. The effect of transiting Rahu will, however, create some challenging problems for the Party. The transiting Jupiter will act in the BJP’s favour, whereas Saturn may give mixed results during the Assembly elections.

The Congress is under the influence of the ending phase of the Jupiter-Rahu Dasha period, which indicates a highly volatile period ahead. Rahu has the potential to bring some unexpected results as well. The impact of the transiting Jupiter will be in Congress’ favour and likely to boost winning prospects significantly. But, transiting Rahu indicates that an internal rift within the Party can affect the winning prospects.

Considering the planetary influences on the Date of Counting Votes and the foundation chart of the State, the transiting Moon in Cancer will act in the ruling party Congress. The transiting Mars will be in its own house but combust, which indicates a tough contest between Congress and BJP. The transiting Saturn in its own house again indicates a very close contest. The retrograde Jupiter will favour the ruling Congress. The impact of the transiting Rahu indicates some unexpected results. Overall, the influence of the planets will favour the ruling Congress Party.

The impact of the transiting Rahu will be against the ruling party TRS. Also, the impact of the transiting Moon on the result day will be against the ruling party. The benefic aspect of transiting Jupiter will help to an extent but the transiting Saturn may not allow the ruling party to gain desired seats. Considering the impact of planets, both the opposition parties, particularly Congress, will have the advantage to win the election.

The transiting Rahu will play a significant role in Rajasthan’s assembly elections this time. The transiting Rahu will be moving over the natal Moon and Sun, and hence, the results can be highly unpredictable and, in some cases, shocking as well. But Mars in its own house will favour Congress, and the transiting Jupiter will also help the ruling party Congress. However, Rahu also indicates a very close contest and the winning margin will be very close on many seats. It can bring the situation of a hung assembly. Overall, the state is transforming, and the BJP has an advantage in this election.

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