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If Not Alert Then Mahadasha Can Change The Dasha Of Your Life

Mahadasha: The Potential Game-Changer for Your Life's Dasha

According to Vedic astrology, each individual is impacted by the position of the planet in the solar system. A planet rules a particular time frame in an individual’s life. This phase is called Vimshottari Mahadasha. There are 9 planets as per astrology, and each of these 9 planets will have its own Mahadasha, and each Mahadasha is further divided into 9 Antardasha. An individual’s lifespan is counted as 120 years. So it is unlikely that one will have a repeated Mahadasha for a certain planet. The sequence of Mahadasha is in the following order starting from Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and ending with Mercury. The exact duration of the first Mahadasha will depend on the degree of the native’s nakshatra.

Mahadasha follows a calendar pattern. The impact of Mahadasha can be good or bad depending on several factors like the position of the planet, birth chart, on which house the planet resides and whether the planet itself is malefic or benefic. Mahadasha generally runs for years, but the impact of the Mahadasha is decided by the conjunction of other planets as well. However, the actual results depend on the effect of Antardasha. The sequence of Antardasha is also similar to that of Mahadasha.

It rules for 6 years. If the sun is beneficial for the lagna and placed in the Kendra or 11th house, then the native will gain wealth from the government. He will enjoy a lot of happiness, prosperity and comfort. There will be benefits from sun-related articles or objects. This is the time to get a promotion, birth of son, vehicles, power, authority. The relationship from the paternal side will be fruitful. However, a weak sun will cause miseries. There will be a loss of wealth and property. The person will lack confidence; there will be sun-related illness, demotion and loss of reputation. The relationship with the father will decline. One can perform Surya Dosh Nivaran puja to reduce the malefic effect of Sun Mahadasha.

It runs for 10 years. The Benefic Moon will give native prosperity. Moon is strong when it is placed in the Kendra or in the 11th house. Moon is a feminine character, and the person is likely to gain wealth from female or moon-related articles. Individuals can conduct any auspicious ceremony, gain vehicles; he might see the birth of a son and goddess Laxmi will shower blessings. The person will have mental peace, and the relationship on the mother’s side will be good.

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However, a weak malefic moon can give the opposite result. It will give rise to mental fatigue, depression, loss of wealth and property. The relationship on the mother’s side also declines. The conjunction of Rahu-Moon will add to the woes of the native, and the situation will take a turn for the worse. To reduce the effect of Moon Mahadasha, one should chant the Chandra mantra 108 times daily, wear a silver ring with 5-carat pearl on Monday or offer bilva patra and milk to lord Shiva every Monday.

The lifespan of Mars Mahadasha runs for 7 years. Strong Mars placed in Kendra or 3, 6, 10 or 11th house gives favourable results. The person is likely to gain land, wealth, and bestow with a high position. The relationship with siblings will improve, and one can see a gain in jewellery. Enemies will not be able to win over you. The person will be courageous and brave.

Weak Mars, however, can result in accidents, physical injuries, rise in disease related to blood. There will be a conflict with the wife. Effect of Mars Mahadasha on airy signs will cause danger from storm, plane crashes. In earthly sign, it will cause damage from house collapse, earthquakes and accidents in mines. In fiery sign, it will cause dancers to fire, electric shock, burns, while watery sign will have danger from drowning. There will be clashes of ego between siblings. One can wear red coral on Tuesday or wear trimukhi rudraksha on the neck to reduce the malefic effect of Mars Mahadasha.

Mercury Mahadasha will last for 17 years. Strong and Favourable Mercury in lagna occurs when it is placed in the kendra or 11ths house of the chart. The person is likely to gain wealth from business, education, honours in sports. Mercury is the god of communication, so anything related to communication will bring reward. There will be an increase in the intellect, and a person will have mental peace and happiness.
Malefic Mercury will give mental illness, restlessness and skin problems. There will be loss of wealth and disease related to the Urinary tract. The dasha shows bad results if the Mercury lands in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. Feeding cows with green vegetables or donating green clothes to relatives can reduce the malefic effect of Mercury.

Jupiter is the biggest planet, and the Mahadahsa resides for 16 years. Jupiter is the god of knowledge, and it will incline the person towards spirituality. A person is likely to see the birth of children; there will be gain from yellow articles. The person is likely to become a teacher, judge, yogi, professor, philosopher etc.

Malefic Jupiter will give defamation for 16 years. It also results when Jupiter is in the 6th house of the birth chart. This will give a native misfortune, worries. The person will deviate from spirituality. There might be loss of wealth and children, mental fatigue. Diseases related to the liver, jaundice and cancer can also occur. To curb the malefic effect of Jupiter Mahadasha, one can observe fast on Thursday and pray to Lord Brihaspati, feed jaggery to crow and offer service to sadhus.

This Madasha will be in the native’s life for 20 years. Strong Venus is indicative in Kendra or placed in the 11th house of the chart. This lagna is favourable for marriage. A person is likely to get wealth from a business related to venus. There will be an inclination towards poetry, music and entertainment. A person will get attracted to love, jewellery, perfumes, vehicles.

Malefic Venus will result in all the immoral activities like alcohol addiction, rise in expense. There is likely opposition and separation from loved ones. Problems in professional status, sexually transmitted disease and distress from females are likely to occur. To eliminate the bad effects of Venus, one should wear a silver ornament or have a silver coin in a purse. He can also donate while clothes to girls.

This will last for 19 years. Strong Saturn is likely to occur during the placement in the 11th house or in the kendra of the birth chart. There are chances of gaining wealth from business related to Saturn. He will achieve success through hard work and gain wealth through agriculture, education, government jobs and from western direction.
Whereas a weak Saturn or in combination with Rahu, Ketu, Mars will lead the person to immoral activities. The person is likely to be addicted to wine, turning his head to criminal activities. There will be loss of property, divorce, theft, grief from children, mental worries. He will suffer from stomachache, paralysis, and chronic disease. Pouring cows milk with sesame on shivling on Saturday or pooja to lord shiva on Saturday can help to curb the effect of malefic Saturn.

Rahu placed in 3rd, 10th, or 11th house in exaltation with benefic lord positioned in Kendra will give the native success and benefits. He is likely to gain wealth, a new house, royal recognition, gain in jewellery and gain contact of foreign origin and diplomats.

Adversely it affects the person in a negative way. The person will have mental worries, rifts with wife and children. He is likely to shift to an unhygienic place, likely to suffer ill health, failure in business, loss of wealth. There will be debt, epidemic, sudden onset of disease. He is likely to suffer from a snake bite. Donating urad dal and sesame seed to native will help to curb the effect of malefic Rahu.

The effect is likely to occur for 7 years. Strong Ketu is likely to give Moksha. Ketu placed in 11th house is considered good. There will be a favour from monarchy, children and the person is likely to gain vehicles, and there will be a lot of travelling.

While a Weak Ketu is likely to cause discord in family and relatives, there will be misery, secret intrigues, backbiting and vicious tendencies. Chances of cardiac arrest increase. Diseases similar to Rahu and Mars are likely to occur. Worshipping Lord Ganesha or lighting diya with ghee will help.

All the remedial procedures mentioned for malefic Mahadasha should be first consulted with an expert astrologer before implementing. For knowing the kind of dasha one is going through, please call our expert and get a detailed analysis.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,