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Will Vijay Singh be the king in future World Golf championship?

Will Vijay Singh be the king in future World Golf championship?


Vijay Singh, well-known as the “The Big Fijian”, is a professional Fijian golfer who stood as the number one in the Official World Golf Rankings in 2004-2005. Vijay Singh’s golfing career developed over a number of years, winning occasional Golf tournaments but never being a contender for the number one golf player in the world. But this August, he has won the most coveted World Golf Championship for the first time.

Now Ganesha predicts on his future as a Golf player by studying his planetary positions.

Date of Birth:- February 22, 1963
Time:- Not Available
Place:- Lautoka, Fiji
Astrological Analysis

Due to the unavailability of his birth time, Ganesha has given this forecast based on the Surya Kundali. In his Sun chart, the association between Mercury and Saturn is good for his sports’ performance and is in favour of his sports talent as well. The fifth house of sports, Lord Mercury, is in association with Swagruhi Saturn which gives more accuracy to him in his game. Mars is the most important planet for success in sports, is powerful in his Navamsa chart. The placement of Rahu is in the sixth house from Sun. This placement will also play an important role in his victory. These all are favourable planetary positions for the field of sports and other related matters as well. He is therefore, strong, energetic, ambitious and dynamic. Also, these positions make him aggressive with a strong sports spirit.

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Ganesha points out that Mars will always remain on his side and infuse him with positive attitude. During the next year, transiting Jupiter will be moving over the Moon as well as the fifth house of sports, Lord Mercury. This transition will prove to be supportive and may create a win-win situation. At the same time, powerful Mars will remain in aspect of the transiting Jupiter. This indicates that, he will find himself very energetic during the next year. He will be honoured and overwhelmed with achievements during the next year.

In brief, Ganesha foresees him as one of the best performers in Golf and portends a great career in sports for him. Vijay Singh will reach notable heights of achievements in the coming year and will win some very important and crucial Golf tournaments. He will receive the honour of being a distinguished performer in Golf match and will be able to establish his name in the world of Golf as well.

Ganesha wishes all the luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Vijay Singh.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,