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Will Nano come out of Singur?

Will Nano come out of Singur?

We have been hearing a great deal of cacophony of bugles blaring Tata’s ‘Rs. One Lakh Only car Nano Coming Soon’. However, destiny seems to have designed to deprive both Ratan Tata and us, of the pleasure of, respectively, giving and having the small wonder. Ideally the Nano should have been in the market by now and moving about freely on the conjusted Indian roads. Instead of that, in the light of the Singur controversy, the question that has started doing the rounds among both the auto makers and the potential customers is whether the Nano would reach the showrooms at all. Ganesha answers the question with the help of Chaldean Numerology and Astrology.

Technology used in this car is called ‘The Nano’, however, Tata Motors will be launching it with the name NANO. This name totals up to 18 which finally comes down to a single digit number 9 which is ruled by Mars. Now, 1 is ruled by Sun and 8 is ruled by Saturn. Sun stands for success or glory and Saturn stands for delay. These facts of numerology themselves clarify a lot of things. But, on the other hand, the final single digit total 9 is ruled by Mars- planet of vitality and speed. Thus the Nano is heavily influenced by three planets- Sun, Saturn and Mars. This indicates a desire to come out in the market very quickly but the delay coupled with the name NANO acts as a major block.

Tata Motors totals down to number 37 ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and Ketu (the south node) the planet giving shortness. Number 7 also stands for Negative Moon. If it were 32 it would have been Jupiter and Positive Moon. However, here number 37 indicates that Moon’s weakened influence is also causing delay. It should be noted that Moon is the fastest moving planet in the entire planetary world. Number 3 rules expansion and number 7 ruled by Ketu is also indicative of size of the car they are willing to produce as Ketu governs shortness but all Tata cars are not tiny. Still, if we consider Jupiter for expansion and Ketu for the obstacle, then it clearly explains the difficulties that they are facing in bringing out this car.

Tata Nano name totals down to 28, ruled by positive Moon and Saturn respectively. If we consider this as conjunction of Moon and Saturn, then it’s widely known as ‘Vish Yoga’ (Vish = poison, 2 being the number of Moon and 8 being the number of saturn). Again, Saturn is strongly reflected here so there is a problem in bringing the car out quickly. (Moon governs speed and voyage both, like Mars). This name totals down to 1, ruled by Sun, so success is definitely there. However, the real or greater success is granted only if the Nano comes out in the market in 2008, which again is totalling down to 1.

The location where the Nano plant is built is Singur. This name totals down to 20, a number ruled by Positive Moon. Then why the delay, one might ask. Well, first of all, Ganesha would like to clarify that ‘Tata Motors’, ‘Nano’ and ‘Tata Nano’ all the three names are heavily influenced by planets that cause delay and therefore this influence cannot be ignored. Moreover, number 20 is a very sensitive number so obviously sensitivity at Singur has affected Nano’s progress. This number is not good for accepting challenges. People born with this number are sometimes afraid of facing challenges. That may be the case with Singur. In other words, they are unable to digest the ‘change’ taking place there due to Nano’s production. Although Moon is a very fast moving planet and it is constantly changing its motion and signs throughout the month, we can clearly see that sometimes this number is overridden by emotional matters and the result turns out to be negative. If people at this location accept to go with the flow, then there will not be any problem.

Tata Motors is ruled by number 1 and Tata Nano is also ruled by 1. The year 2008 is also ruled by number 1. Singur is ruled by 2. Number 1 and 2 are incompatible hence the difficulties.

Sun and Saturn are two planets ruling Nano, as discussed. Ganesha observes that as per the Western Astrology, transiting Sun and Saturn are currently conjunct in Virgo. This conjunction is in opposition to transiting Harshal (Uranus). Sun stands both for success and government . Whenever it is with Saturn there is a delay in accomplishment of the goal.. Not only that but there are also difficulties for the government and from the government, depending on the matter. In this case, as ‘Tata Nano’ is ruled by number 1, the number of Sun and transiting Sun is with Saturn – the planet that signifies obstacles in the form of delay and lack of discipline, Tata Motors is facing delays and restrictions from the government. Uranus is unpredictable because it signifies instability. As per Modern Astrology it rules sign Aquarius, traditionally ruled by Saturn- the planet that signifies delay. Aquarius sign also stands for new technology and related matters. Currently, as per Western Astrology Uranus is transiting through Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces also rules sacrifice.

Considering these factors Ganesha feels that Nano will have to be relocated from Singur to some other location and if they wish to settle the matter, then it may take a longer time than expected. If at all there is a solution which allows Nano to continue at Singur, then it may be implemented only after October 24, 2008 after the transiting Sun enters Libra. If there is a solution before this date, then it will be merely a ‘practical’ and sacrificial solution which may be a lousy situation for Tata Motors, says Ganesha.

Ideally, Tata Motors should wait till October 24, 2008 and with Sun’s influence in Libra, should try to settle the matter amicably which will reduce damage that may be caused by a hasty or rash decision.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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