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Will Michael Phelps’s dip in Beijing Olympics 2008 add to more medals?

Will Michael Phelps’s dip in Beijing Olympics 2008 add to more medals?

Time is again set for Michael Phelps to show his spectacular performance during the Summer Olympics 2008. Phelps, born on June 30, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland is an American swimmer and the world record holder in several events. The winner of six six golds and two bronzes at the Athens Games now seems to be in his full-form to give a tough competition to his rivals during eight to ten events which are going to be held in Beijing. It can be the best chance for him to break Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals in swimming championship at a single Games.

Ganesha conducts an analysis of his Sun chart, as his birth time is not available to predict his forthcoming performance.

Date of Birth: – June 30, 1985
Place:- Baltimore, Maryland
Time:- Unknown

Astro Analysis
The association between Mars and Sun is favourable for his sports’ performance and is in favour of his sports talent as well. The fifth house of sports is auspiciously aspected by it’s own Lord Venus. Adding to this positive point, Fifth house of sports is occupied by exalted Saturn. The combination of all these factors make the fifth house of sports powerful enough to show his skills, says Ganesha. It makes him strong and fastest swimmer.

Mars and Sun, both are fiery planets and most important for the success in sports. This planetary position makes him aggressive with strong sports spirit. Also both of the planets are in the same constellation, Adhra which is ruled by Rahu, is placed in the eleventh house from Sun as well as Mars. All these are favourable planetary positions and promises to create the wining situation for him in the field of sports i.e. swimming.

Till the end of 17th August transiting Sun will be passing over the Ascendant Lord Mercury which will give him powerful performance and may create more wining situation. between 17th August and 16th September transiting Sun will be favourable. He is also blessed from Rahu’s transit as Rahu is transiting through eleventh house from Moon. This will support and boost his swimming speed as well as energy levels.

Ganesha foresees him as one of the best performers in swimming. Michael Phelps will reach notable heights of achievements in the Olympics 2008. As his current planetary transits are favourable, Ganesha feels that Michael Phelps will secure highest number of gold medals at the Beijing 2008 and bring laurels to his country.

Ganesha wishes all the luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Michael Phelps.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,