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Will Brett Lee’s marriage be restored?

Will Brett Lee’s marriage be restored?

Brett Lee is an Australian pace bowler and all cricket fans know his name. He got ‘clean bowled’ by Liz Kemp in June 2006. However, he announced separation from his wife on August 21, 2008 and Liz has also confirmed the same. Lots of cricket fans including Ganesha wish that their marriage gets restored soon.

Ganesha studies Brett Lee’s horoscope with the help of Vedic Astrology and predicts whether he will reunite with Liz.

Brett Lee

Date of birth:- November 08, 1976
Time of birth:- Unavailable
Place of birth:- Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Brett Lee’s Surya Kundli

Brett Lee and Liz Kemp a Numerological Pair
As per Chaldean Numerology Brett Lee’s name totals down to 3 – a number ruled by Jupiter. Liz Kemp’s name also totals down to number 3. This indicates that they make a perfect match. However, her original name Elizabeth Kemp totals down to 7- a number ruled by Ketu (The South Node) or Negative Moon. This is not a positive indication.

Natal promise of separation in Brett Lee’s Surya Kundli
In Brett Lee’s Surya Kundli, Ketu is posited in the 7th house of marriage and related matters. Ketu’s presence in itself indicates the ‘give up’ attitude as and when conflicts arise. The Lord of the seventh house Mars is placed with three malefic planets viz. Sun, Mars and Rahu. Seventh house and its Lord both are in Square with Saturn which indicates stressful conjugal life. Moreover, Mars Square Saturn indicates that he will find ‘real love’ at a later stage in his life. In short, his Surya Kundli strongly confirms the scope of estrangement.

Planetary transits over Brett Lee’s Surya Kundli
Transiting Rahu has Squared Brett Lee’s Mars, the Lord of the Seventh house, in Surya Kundli in June 2008 so here on conflicts must have picked up. As Rahu and Ketu are always at 180 degree apart from each other, Ketu has also Squared Natal Ketu, Rahu and Mars. It is to be noted that Brett Lee has Stellium of planets in Libra and Libra sign itself rules the 7th house of Universal Zodiac indicating partnership, marriage life and related matters. There is only one Natural Benefic Mercury in Libra. Technically speaking, Mercury is an ‘impotent planet’ so it is influenced by the planets that it is connected with. Here, it is connected with more malefic planets hence Mercury’s power as a benefic becomes redundant. When Libra is over-emphasized it makes one very good at public relations, arts, gives him public acclaim too. However, because of Rahu and Ketu’s Square with this planetary cluster in Libra, Brett Lee’s personal life is seriously disturbed.

Ganesha feels that his marriage may not be restored for two reasons. One, he has a strong Natal promise for separation and second, Libra and seventh house Lord of Surya Kundli both are heavily afflicted by Rahu Ketu’s transit which will continue till the last quarter of 2009. Although there are minimum probabilities of re-contemplation and reunion in this separation, Ganesha wishes a happy married life to Brett Lee and Liz

Good luck to Brett Lee for his career and personal life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni