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Will Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias be ever back to live in?

Will Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias be ever back to live in?

Introduction: Tennis pinup Anna Kournikova and latin pop singer Enrique Iglesias have been dating each other since 2002. But, recently the singer fessed up during an interview with a magazine saying they are no longer living together and over a spat about a dog, Anna kicked him out of the house.

Enrique is an experienced charmer still he says that he is amazed by Anna. However, Enrique’s name has been associated with other celebrities too, besides Anna.

1.Monica Hansen
2.Natalia Oreiro
3.Sofia Vergara
4.Samantha Torres
5.Adriana Biega
6.Carrie Stevens
7.Christina Aguilera
8.Cynthia Kirchner
9.Jennifer Love
10.Flavia Vento
11.Emma Kearney

On the other hand, Anna slightly has a shorter list and is said to have dated with the following personalities, besides Enrique

1.Pavel Bure
2.Mark Philippoussis
3.Sergei Fedorov
4.Mark Wahlberg

However, the length of the list given above doesn’t matter as the couple was going steady with their relationship since long. Star couples often have been seen fighting over petty issues and they patch up too quickly and that’s what this couple also did but the question that remains still unanswered is, will Anna let Enrique back in the house? Ganesha throws light on this with the help of Vedic Astrology.

Date of Birth :- 8th May 1975
Time of Birth :- Unknown
Place of Birth :- Madrid, Spain

Enrique Iglesias Surya Kundli


Date of Birth :- 7th June 1981
Time of Birth :- Unknown
Place of Birth :- Moscow, Russia

Anna Kournikova Surya Kundli


Anna is currently under the influence of Rahu Ketu’s half Return. Rahu is in Cancer and this sign indicates ‘home’ and the related matters. When Ketu was transiting over the Natal Rahu through Cancer, she got upset with the situation at her own home. The transiting Saturn has formed Square with the Natal Sun and Saturn is transiting through the 4th house from the Natal Sun so she is over possessive about her personal issues.

In Enrique’s chart, Ketu is transiting through the 4th house from the Natal Sun. The 4th house rules house and related matters. Ketu’s transit through the 4th house makes one feel like ‘giving up’ the house. Moreover, Saturn is forming opposition to the Lord of his sun sign (Sun Sign as per Vedic Astrology) i.e. Mars, so he is not in a position to confront over this issue.

When transiting Mars formed opposition to Anna’s Natal Sun and Mars, she got furious and kicked Enrique out of the house. It is to be noted that Mars is transiting over a strong Malefic Rahu in Enrique’s chart.

Considering the heavy planetary transits in Anna and Enrique’s chart, there are least probabilities of change in the decision, as per Ganesha’s view. However, in the month of May 2009, Sun will be transiting through the Bharani Constellation and he will also be under the influence of the Solar Return (Enrique’s Sun is in Aries, in Bharani Constellation). During the same period, the transiting Rahu will enter the Uttarashadha Constellation ruled by Sun and the transiting Venus will be exalted over Enrique’s Natal Jupiter and will be in opposition to Anna’s Natal Jupiter and Saturn. During this period, there are few probabilities of a patch up between the couple over this matter, as per Ganesha’s view.

Looking at their planetary compatibility, Ganesha feels that Enrique’s famous song ‘Tired Of Being Sorry’ will some day become his strong feeling and they may discontinue.

May Lord Ganesha bless Anna and Enrique with due prudence to handle this issue.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni