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Will Akhil Kumar be able to beat Gojan Veaceslav in boxing at Beijing Olympics?

Will Akhil Kumar be able to beat Gojan Veaceslav in boxing at Beijing Olympics?

India is indeed shining at the Beijing Olympics as both the boxers Akhil Kumar and Jitender Kumar are ruling the roost with their breathtaking performances. Akhil Kumar from India has recently beaten World Champion Sergey Vodopyanov and will now be confronting Gojan Veaceslav from Moldova. Ganesha analyses the possible outcome of this match with the help of the Event Chart, using simplified Vedic Astrology Parameters.

Match Date :- August 18, 2008
Match time :- 19 hours 31 min.
Match Location:- Beijing

Gojan Veaceslav v Akhil Kumar Event Chart

Analysis of the Event Chart
Ganesha has considered Gojan as the Ascendant and Akhil as the Descendant according to the manner their names appear in the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games (1st Player = Ascendant, 2nd Player = Descendant). The Aquarius Ascendant is seen rising in the events chart.

In the event chart, the Ascendant Lord is disposed in the seventh house, which indicates a possible defeat in store. There are fair chances of the Descendant to be victorious because Sun, who is the Descendant Lord, is posited in its own sign in the Descendant. Moreover, the Ascendant is occupied by Moon while there is witnessed the formation of a Stellium comprising four planets Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in the seventh house (Descendant). This Stellium exemplifies ferocity at its zenith, which puts the Descendant on the pedestal of an advantageous position.

Moreover, the Ascendant is seen ruled by the Air Element and there is only one planet with Air Element in the entire horoscope. On the other hand, the seventh house is ruled by the Fire Element with Five planets in Fiery Signs, which casts a favourable spell on the prospects of Descendant gaining an edge over Ascendant.

Ganesha arrives at the conclusion that Akhil Kumar will be able to beat Gojan Veaceslav provided the match commences on time i.e. on August 18, 2008 at 19 hours 31 min. as scheduled. Match prediction may change in case major changes in the time schedule of the match to be played occur.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless both the players.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,