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Why are Master Blaster’s abilities questioned time and again?

Why are Master Blaster’s abilities questioned time and again?

The master blaster of Indian Cricket has not been able to give good performance since last few months. His performance has gone down to such an extent that many eyebrows have been raised about his ability to improve in future. Former Pakistani cricketer and captain Javed Miandad has remarked about Sachin that he has lost his class and should retire from one-day International Cricket. Why is a batsman of Sachin’s caliber passing through this bad phase? Ganesha finds out the answer.

Sachin was born in Bombay on 24th April 1973 with Virgo Ascendant. The Lord of Ascendant Mercury is debilitated in 7th house. His Moon sign is Scorpio and Birth Star or Nakshatra is Jyestha. Powerful Mars and debilitated Jupiter are forming Rajyoga. The placement of exalted Mars in 5th house gives him powerful concentration while batting. Because of this, he is a darling of his fans who treat him like God and he deserves all the adulation, which he is getting from the people. He is hard working. At present, he is under the influence of malefic planet Saturn and Ketu which are passing through the 12th house. Considering this, current time period is not favorable for him. Ganesha notes that from the end of November 2007, transiting Jupiter will pass over the Rahu and will aspect the Natal Sun (Sun denotes fame), Ketu as well as 12th house where transiting malefic planets Saturn and Ketu are moving. Referring this, he would start improving from November onwards. Next year is favorable for him.

He is being criticized time and again because presently he is under the influence of sub period of Mercury in major period of Venus till 10th November 2009. Mercury is debilitated. However, from the 24th January 2008, Sun Pratyantardasha will start which is exalted. This means that he will be more active and will perform very well next year. The time is not favorable for him between 16th March 2008 and 10th June 2008.

Mentioned 3 month are not suitable for him. Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn become a friend of Dasha’s Lord in five-fold friendship chart. This means deducting this three month, his time may be spent in regaining his position but this does not mean that he’ll perform better than other players. But surely his performance will be notable.

Ganesha wishes this talented batsman all the luck for future!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,