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Wait and watch, Ganesha tells JSW Energy’s investors

Wait and watch, Ganesha tells JSW Energy’s investors

JSW Energy Limited, incorporated in 1994, is a group company of Jindal South West (JSW). Set up at Vijayanagar as an IPP with a capacity of 260 MW, the plant is currently being expanded to 1200 MW. Working for power solutions in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, JSW Energy Ltd. has crossed many a milestones in its short period of operations. JSW Energy, which is mainly engaged in power generation is now also venturing into manufacturing of supercritical boilers.

The company is working towards becoming one of the ‘Top 3’ private power producers in India. Will it see the desired growth in the times to come? Is investment in JSW Energy safe? Ganesha takes a look:

In the horoscope of JSW Energy, ascendant Lord Saturn is posited in 9th House and the 9th House in the company’s chart reflects the legal matters and understanding benefits from government. The position of Saturn in the 9th House usually pronounces negative results. Saturn, by nature, restricts the company’s growth activities. The government enacts taxing laws. However, Saturn is ascendant and the Lord of economical House, resulting in smooth functioning of the company’s affairs.

In the horoscope of JSW Energy, Rahu, Sun, Mercury and Venus are posited in 12th House and this House reflects loss and heavy tax. In JSW Energy’s horoscope, Sun is the Lord of the 8th House, Venus is the key planet for JSW Energy and Venus is the Lord of the House of profession and stock market. Venus and Mercury are combusted. Venus in the 12th House gives way to heavy expenditure by the company for developments. Venus is afflicted, resulting in no good agreements.

What Next:
In the horoscope of JSW Energy, currently Venus is passing through Pisces and after some time it will transit through the 4th and 5th House. The position of Venus in the 4th House denotes success in matters related to environment, growth and production. The staff and the management will enjoy healthy and harmonious relations. The financial institutions will also lend a helping hand. The position of Venus in the 5th House denotes fruitful results.

Over all, the horoscope of JSW Energy is not so strong. The speculations will not yield fruitful results. Thermal power plant, steam generator, turbine may go through a tough time. The ventures run despite heavy investments. Ganesha advises you to hold your position if you are a long-term investor.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,