Viswanathan Anand: You can’t escape his checkmate

Viswanathan Anand: You can’t escape his checkmate

After giving a checkmate to Vladimir Karmnik in World Chess Championship, Viswanathan Anand is the new chess champion. The achievement has received little attention of people as Anand has meager fan following across the country. But Ganesha finds it interesting to give astrological analysis of the chess champion of India.

Anand played a super double round robin tournament in Mexico to came out clear winner of the tournament and new World Chess Champion scoring 9 out of 13 with 4 wins and 10 draws. He is the only unbeatable player in the tournament. He played great chess here showing his mettle and defending nicely at tough times throughout this championship.

He has Libra rising in his chart, a sign known for its fairness, level-headedness and easy-going manner. The scales of justice symbolize Libra and these people, more than any of the other signs, can take a dispassionate look at situations and come to the right solution for all involved which is good for a chess player.

His Sagittarius moon is a forceful, aggressive and positive factor. It is placed in the 3rd house with Mercury the Lord of 9th house, which means Enduring fame. He has and will always have the ability to capture the world’s imagination. It denotes him superb analytical and piercing logic that makes him master of rapid chess. In fact he is the perfect aggressive male.

Moon is in Virgo Navmansa and Mercury is in Gemini Navmansa so he is a textbook case of the focused, sometimes obsessive individual. He is analytical, secretive, self-possessed, reliable, practical, diligent, meticulously prepared and witty.

He has Atmakaraka Sun placed in The SCORPIO. The chess scene presents the perfect background for exercising Scorpion birthright of dictatorship. The Scorpion tenacity, calm and malice work together to poison an opponent’s game before the knights come off the first rank. When the sun is in Scorpio there is almost a direct connection between the individual’s mind and the collective unconscious. He has the ability to tap into this vast pool of information better than just about anyone.

Mars, the planet of attack, is in the 5th house with Rahu forming Rajayoga and confirming abilities to perform at highest level and further gets strength by exchange with Saturn.

Uranus, the planet of fame and incredible brilliance is in the 12th house of secret powers. This impressive placement brings him a chess angel who sits on his shoulder giving him a heavenly edge forever.

Sun is the Atmakaraka and Karakamsa becomes Aquarius and if Karakamsa applies in the natal Chart we find Sun and Venus in the 10th house and Moon-Mercury in the 11th house with 1st and 3rd house lord in exchange. It’s a fantastic Yoga for fame and success. He symbolizes the successful chess personality with his extensive memory and his subconscious attention to details that others might consider negligible.

If we apply Karakamsa in the Navmansa chart, we find 9th and 10th house lord in exchange and Saturn-Mercury in the 5th house again indicating sharp intellect and success.

He is currently under the influence of Mars Mahadasha and Moon Bhukti and Moon is placed with the 9th and 12th house Lord Mercury in the 3rd house indicating fame and success in the foreign land. Moon is exalted and placed in the Ascendant of D-10 chart confers the amazing success.

He will be under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu is well placed in the D-10 chart and the transiting Jupiter would be moving favorably in his chart in year 2008. In this context Ganesha feels that we might see more from this wonderful master of Chess. He has nowhere but to go up!!!!

It is not only cricket that brings glory to India but a Hero like Anand also makes us proud and we must not ignore his contribution to Indian Sports.

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Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless him!!!!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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