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Ganesha foresees a bigger stature and all things ‘Virat’ post Aug ’16 for the phenomenal Kohli!

Ganesha foresees a bigger stature and all things ‘Virat’ post Aug ’16 for the phenomenal Kohli!

Virat Kohli – the hottest sensation of Indian Cricket currently, has been wowing the cricket lovers across the globe with some of the finest display of sportsmanship, batting muscle and cricketing caliber! He is being touted by many as the next big thing to happen in World Cricket and the incredible statistics are a testament to this collective belief! The player with plenty of fire in his belly, is called the run-making machine of India by many, because of his humongous appetite for runs! Even in the just concluded T20 World Cup 2016, he shone like a blazing star with terrific performances – most of which were match-winning knocks and thus went on to grab the Man-of-the-Series Award. The hopes and expectations of more than a billion Indians lie on the young gun, but will he be able to maintain his rhythm in the times to come? Let’s tag along with Ganesha and get an idea of the designs of Kohli’s destiny…

Virat Kohli
5th November, 1988
10:28 AM (Unconfirmed)Delhi, India



What could be the planetary configurations that are helping him to dazzle?

  • Ganesha says that the Mahadasha of Rahu and the Antardasha of Saturn are in operation for Virat Kohli currently. In his Natal Chart, Saturn, who happens to be the Lord of the 3rd House of sports and skills is posited in the Ascendant and Rahu is placed in the 3rd House. Such placements are just phenomenal for a sportsmen. This configuration gives him exceptional abilities in the game of cricket. Also, currently, the transiting Jupiter is passing through the 9th House (House of fortune) and is aspecting Saturn in the Ascendant. So, his career graph is going upwards rapidly.

Jupiter’s Blessings…

  • He has been exhibiting his master class through some of the best batting exploits, which are garnering tremendous appreciation not only from his fans all over the world, but also from some of the veterans and former stars of the game from around the globe. When the most benign planet – Jupiter is showering his choicest blessings on you, then such things should not seem too surprising! There’s a lot more that will come his way in the year ahead, says Ganesha.

Some Disappointments?

  • Owing to the transit of Jupiter in conjunction with Rahu till August 2016, his level of maturity, realism, and attitude may come under the lens, feels Ganesha. On some occasions, in spite of his stellar performances, he may not get to see the expected results and this may cause some frustration.

Staying grounded will help…

  • However exciting and interesting the game of Cricket may seem, it is actually a very unpredictable sport, which is also considered by many as a great leveller. And, this is one aspect that reflects the Saturnine element of the game. So, Virat needs to tread with a circumspect approach and will have to stay grounded. With the transits of Saturn and Mars taking place in the 12th House, things may suddenly keep taking a tricky turn, and may resultantly test his patience and temperament. Thus, till the month of September, Ganesha advises the ‘fast and furious’ Kohli to keep cool as much as possible, because the conflicting influences of Mars and Saturn will give rise to turbulence, arguments and soaring tempers.

Re-evaluation of goals:

  • The goals he has set for himself as a batsmen as well as for his role as a Captain, will be re-evaluated for strength and purpose, and may get tested against reality. The transiting Saturn will be forcing him to take a really good look at it.

More Golden Moments….

  • Once Jupiter enters Virgo on 11th August, 2016, Virat’s position in World Cricket will further get a boost and he will start his climb to the next level of success, envisages Ganesha. He will also be able to inspire Team India to rise and shine. He will reach greater heights in his career from mid August 2016 and his brilliant batting and aggressive captaincy will set things on fire! There’s some more good news for those Virat Kohli fans, who keep a track of his records, as the destructive batsman may shatter a few more records in the period between August 2016 and September 2017.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K. Thakar(Special Inputs: Aaditya Sain)
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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