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Medal chances excellent for India’ Vikas Krishan in LONDON OLYMPICS, foresees Ganesha

Medal chances excellent for India’ Vikas Krishan in LONDON OLYMPICS, foresees Ganesha

Considered as the world’s foremost sporting competition, and held every four years, the Olympic Games today see the participation of over 200 nations and thousands of professional athletes in over 35 different sports. While the summer Games, the more popular version of the modern day Olympics, have tremendously risen in scale and see the maximum participation from across the world, the Winter, the Paralympic and the Youth versions are catching up too. The Olympic Games, given their stature and the amount of business and public interest they generate across the world, are an awaited event. No wonder then that the world is waiting with a bated breath for the 2012 London Olympics to finally begin on 27th July 2012.

London, the capital city of the UK is all prepped up in a new look, replete with the-state-of-the-art facilities, myriad new stadia and landmarks including an Olympics Village to host the international sporting event. The frenzy and excitement are palpable! The competitive countries have been vying for securing the top spot, and selected athletes have been gearing up for their moment in the sunshine. But, to us, in India, what matters the most is � will we secure a Gold? Well, Ganesha does see a hope for Vikas Krishnan Yadav, and sees him as India’s best bet in Olympics this time. Vikas Yadav, a boxer from Haryana, India, had won a gold medal in the 2010 Asian Games. Ganesha peers at his Kundali to find more.


Vikas Krishan, yet another boxer from the agricultural state of Haryana, shows a plenty of promise. He has four planets posited in the Earth Sign Capricorn. The Earth Signs are the toughest, and are considered as the best for Boxing. This also indicates that Vikas is a person, who willing to slog it out, work hard and improve his skills. It should be noted that the best fighters from across the world, including the great Muhammed Ali, Foreman, Hopkins, all belong to the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. Plenty of Earth element in Vikas’ chart is, thus, a good indication. This is also indicative of the fact that he has been blessed with the potential and stamina to deal with pressure that comes attached with an aggressive sport, and would be willing to go all out to secure an Olympic medal.

Mars is the planet of aggression, war, and battle, and is very significant for a sport like BOXING. Vikas has an exalted Vargottama Mars in the Earth Sign Capricorn. The strong Mars is a boon for a professional boxer. It shall bring him great physical prowess, energy and aggressiveness, as well as quick retaliation ability. The strong Saturn conjunct Mars makes him pragmatic and unemotional, and this should help him guard his energy reserves and prevent recklessness. It is likely that he is a person who is not excited or rattled easily.

Adding to this, his Moon is placed in the Sign of Mars. Thence, Vikas should be blessed with a great resilience and a never-say-die attitude. Overall, there is no doubt about his talent and potential, and he looks set to make India proud in the London Olympics. The transiting Saturn-Mars in Virgo Trine to natal Sun-Mars-Saturn will help him significantly during the first two rounds of the tournament. The transiting Jupiter in Taurus Trine to Sun-Mars-Saturn will boost his morale, and shall keep him in high spirits. There are strong indications that Vikas Yadav might easily reach the Quarter-finals stage.

The transiting Saturn will change the Sign, travelling through Libra from 5th August 2012. It (Saturn) will aspect Vikas’ natal Moon, and shall form a Square aspect with the trio of Sun-Mars-Saturn. This indicates that Vikas’ skills, experience and potential will be tested in the Quarter-finals. However, the transiting Mars and Jupiter will continue to act in his favour throughout the tournament. So, there are strong chances that he may be able to secure a medal for India – maybe not a Gold or Silver, but at least a Bronze!

We wish him good luck. May Lord Ganesha bless him.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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