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The Way Forward – An Astrological Perspective On Indo-China Relations

The Way Forward – An Astrological Perspective On Indo - China Relations

The relations between two Asian giants – India and China – have been through twists and turns during the past several years. Late Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s slogan of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai’ received a severe jolt when China overpowered Indian contingent in the Aksai Chin and controversial North-East frontier region in 1962. The battle was limited between two artilleries as neither Navy nor Air Force was called into action. The pitched battle only lasted for a month however it left deep scar into the minds of Indians. China’s aspirations to extend its borders are a contentious issue for the Indian government. Recent intrusion of Chinese forces into Ladakh region and Arunachal Pradesh has raised eyebrows and furore among Indians.

Is China aiming at India’s growth and goodwill? Will India react more aggressively? India and China hold important positions in as far as the world economy and international politics are concerned. Hence, their interactions are of great interests not just to the people of both the countries but to the world as well. Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, finds out what the future holds for India and China as far as their relations and diplomatic ties are concerned.

India’s Horoscope


China’s Horoscope

  • At present, Saturn and Rahu are transiting through the 11th House of Alliance with Foreign Countries in the chart of China and from the 3rd House of Relations with Neighbours in the chart of India.
  • India is under the influence of Sun major-period and Mercury sub-period. These periods will affect India till end of April 2014. On the other hand, China will be going through Saturn major-period and Mars sub-period till 5th May, 2014. Mars is debilitated in China’s horoscope and Saturn is placed in the 9th House of International Law and Treaties with Foreign Nations.
  • In solar return chart of India, both Rahu and Saturn are inauspiciously transiting through the 8th House of Death, National Losses and Hidden Enemies and Forces.
  • Cluster of five planets are placed in the 3rd House of India and this House signifies Communication, Treaties with Other Nations and Neighbouring Countries. Such placement of planets in the 3rd House strongly indicates fluctuating relations with neighbours.
  • Transiting Saturn is casting its negative influence on the 3rd House in India’s horoscope and on the 8th House in China’s horoscope. Saturn is casting through its 10th aspect on the 3rd House in India’s horoscope and 8th House in China’s horoscope. Saturn is also aspecting Natal Mars through 10th aspect in China’s horoscope, and therefore creating a sense of belligerence and overzealous mind-set on the part of China.

  • The current transits of Rahu and Saturn are adverse as well as malefic for both India and China as far as their relations with each other are concerned. A sense of distrust will prevail in both the countries.
  • Saturn major-period and Mars sub-period in China’s horoscope are inauspicious signs for its bilateral relations with other countries, especially with neighbours.
  • Saturn and Rahu are transiting through the 6th House of Defence and Military in India’s Natal chart and will influence the decision-making process and actions of Indian Armed Forces. Saturn and Rahu will keep India’s military engaged in tackling and managing border issues with its neighbours most of the time.
  • Saturn is influencing the 3rd House in India’s horoscope and aspecting Natal Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Moon. Hence, disenchantment of foreign policy and decision making capabilities will cripple and bedevil India.
  • Saturn and Mars will negatively influence China in general and its relations with its neighbours, till August 2014. Relations will run hot and cold from time to time.

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To sum up, Ganesha says that Indo-China relations will get damaged further. China will continue to test India’s mettle and push India further. China’s hegemony in the sub-continent will remain a major concern and headache for India as it may try to encircle India through land, air and water and by increasing its reach towards the furthest region in Bay of Bengal. Besides, Rahu and Saturn will adversely influence India and China’s relations. Although there is no immediate concern or threat of full-blown war in on the anvil in near future, the relations between these two nations may become all the more delicate. India will try to guard its border through increased military patrolling and enhanced infrastructure in the Indian side of ‘Actual Line of Control’ (LAC) and also into the border region of Arunachal Pradesh. A few border intrusions and scrimmages will keep rattling and bewildering India. Unless India comes up with comprehensive military strategies to counter its powerful neighbour, India is likely to be caught on the wrong footing. India has to restrict China’s muscle flexing and adventurism through limited and planned military actions and counter offensive measures as these will act as deterrent against Chinese aggression.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Basab Bijay Sarkar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team