The low Bandwidth match between Deccan chargers and Bangalore Royal Challengers


Deccan chargers take on Bangalore Royal Challengers on Sunday May 25, 2008 at their home ground in Hyderabad. Both the teams have failed to live up to the expectations of their owners and fans. The badly bruised Deccan chargers hope to take their last chance to win against Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Deccan Chargers captain Adam Gilchrist was born on November 14, 1971. On the day of the match the transiting Moon would be moving in the 4th house of home ground and is in trine aspect with Natal Moon, which is beneficial for him, but he has to play carefully.

The captain of Bangalore Royal Challengers , Rahul Dravid was born on January 11, 1973 at Indore. On the day of match the transiting Moon would be in sextile aspect with Natal Moon and Pratyari Tara will be in influence, which is not good for him.

According to Ganesha Adam Gilchrist is probably in a better shape than Rahul Dravid. However, the outcome of the match will depend on the planetary influences on the other team members as well. So choosing the right team combination will be important for both the teams.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,