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The Jupiter-Saturn opposition announces a favourable period for you

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition announces a favourable period for you

Saturn, the slowest moving planet in space, will be transiting in its exalted sign Libra, after a period of 30yrs. It will be in opposition with Jupiter, which is transiting in the fiery sign, Aries on 14th November, 2011.

A strong Jupiter in one’s chart indicates that the person has a good character, is idealistic, optimistic, far from materialism and possesses an urge to search for truth. The person has the capability to give a sound judgement, is wise and knowledgeable. Jupiter symbolises expansion and joy, bestows zeal and confidence. It is the planet that indicates possibilities and promises. Whereas Saturn, the farthest planet of the solar system is a karmic planet. It symbolises limitations, boundaries, and personal responsibilities. When Saturn is in Libra, the person craves for equality, justice, fairness and balance in life. Saturn?s aim is to make the native gain a perfectly clear understanding of the purpose of his or her life. Saturn symbolises patience, forbearance, self-control, restraint, discipline and accountability.

Saturn is in the 10th House in Rahul Gandhi’s chart. Saturn will be transiting over his 4th House in which Jupiter is placed. Hence, the transit is very important for him. He will gain great fame and power during this cycle.

Saturn and Jupiter are considered to be opposite in nature. While Jupiter symbolises expansion Saturn indicates contraction. Jupiter brings optimism while Saturn imposes pessimism. Jupiter bestows joy while Saturn inflicts sorrow. Thus, the conflict in judgement or the tug of war will be more obvious during this transit.

Saturn in Libra will be in opposition with Jupiter in Aries from 14th November, 2011 to June 2012. Those with a strong Jupiter in their chart should remember that expansion is on the cards but if expansion is considered keeping proper boundaries in mind, the result will be more favourable.

A strong Saturn will bestow upon the native wisdom, and will help in making decision regarding the priorities of life. It will teach the native to be organised, have genuine expectation from life, be mature, realistic and have a balanced state of mind. It will help the native to plan goals with a more realistic approach.

Here is how this position of Jupiter and Saturn will affect the 12 zodiacs:

A propitious period lies ahead of you, and you can thus look forward to good positions in government jobs, good marriage prospects, chances of child birth, and increase in spiritual activities. Long distance travels are also lined up for you.

You may travel abroad for a job or some training. The time is favourable for getting a good job and ancestral wealth and your interest in the occult is likely to rise. Ganesha promises all this if you put in more hard work.

You make new friends and acquaintances and will thus have a big friend circle, now. Your family and friends will be more than willing to help you in whatever you do. The time is favourable for a job change, augmentation of wealth, child birth, and marriage.

A promotion in job, a good job offer, purchase of new property or house, a rise in your bank balance are all the cards. Don’t be surprised if your uncle and aunt go all out to help you during this

Travel is on the cards. It may be a long distance trip for work or pleasure or education. You will feel romantic at heart and will be affectionate towards everyone. The time is good for child birth. You will be very creative during this period. You will particularly cut down on your expenses. Along with good health you will also enjoy a good relationship with your sibling.

The Saturn Jupiter opposition offers a mixed bag of some good and some not-so-good news for you. You will share a great bonding with your in laws and there are chances that you may inherit some ancestral property. But on the other hand your expenses will rise, and you may even have to stay away from your family.

This is going to be a very fortunate time for you. You will be successful in not only your occupation and real estate but also in a love affair. Ganesha foresees bright marriage prospects and a big friend circle, too. Short distance travel and increase in income is also envisaged.

While this Saturn Jupiter opposition brings along a foreign travel and an increase in interest in the occult for you, it also indicates hard work in job, high expenses and a few health issues during this period.

This promising period affirms child birth, fame, creativity, continuation of studies, good health, foreign travel for studies or business, and good marriage and love prospects for you.

The Saturn Jupiter opposition is going to be advantageous for you. You may buy a property, share a great bonding with parents and in laws, gain a position of power and plan a long distance trip. Unnecessary expenses will be curtailed and you may also get a promotion. Spiritual growth, too, is foreseen.

This is the time when you will share a great relationship with your family and friends, especially your sibling; you may even be blessed with a new sibling. There will be many good marriage prospects coming your way. You will be quite religious during this phase, and may even plan a pilgrimage. Your income may double and you may contemplate starting a new business.

If your were looking for a good job, you are sure to find one during this phase. A promotion in the current job, too, is foreseen. There may be unexpected gains and you may invest the money in a new property. Be prepared for long distance trips. Your interest in the occult will increase. The desire to continue studying will be quite

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team