The Hurricane EURO Cup 2008

The Hurricane EURO Cup 2008

The EURO cup 2008 is the prestigious soccer championship event which gives an opportunity to National Soccer teams in Europe to vie for the pride and glory of their respective countries. The battle is already on. All the sixteen teams have geared up to win the cup at any cost.

An understanding of the basic concepts of Chinese Astrology will help you understand this article easily. In the Chinese Astrology, the five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. They are divided into Yin and Yang as Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Water and Yin Water.

Good compatibility

Yang Wood and Yin Earth .
Yin Wood and Yang Metal
Yang Fire and Yin Metal
Yin Fire and Yang Water
Yang Earth and Yin Water
yang earth and yang metal

Poor compatibility

Yang Wood and Yang Metal
Yin Wood and Yin Metal
Yang Fire and Yang Water
Yin Fire and Yin Water

As the year 2008 ends in number 8 it is the Yang Earth year. So Year 2008 is Chinese year Rat, Yang Earth

As per Chinese astrological and Numerological calculations the team listed below have strong chances to reach Semi Finals of EURO 2008.

Team Foundation 1900
Chinese year: Rat, Yang Metal
Yang Earth and Yang Metal are friends

Foundation year number =1+9=10, 2008=2+8=10
MIROSLAV KLOSE=11 repeating 1 twice
Coach: Joachim Löw=4 good compatibility with 1

Team Foundation: 1909
Chinese year: Rooster, Yin Earth
Yang Earth and Yin Earth are friends, but the rooster and the rat
are not compatible

Foundation year number :1+9+9=19=10, 2008=10
Iker Casillas=11 repeating 1 twice and running 28th year.
Coach:Luis Aragonés birth number 2+8=1

Team Foundation: 1889
Chinese Year: Ox, Yin Earth
Yang Earth and Yin Earth are friends,
the ox and the rat are neutral

Coach: Marco van Basten: Birth number 4 compatible with number 1

Team Foundation: 1926,
Chinese year: Tiger, Yang Fire
Yang Earth and Yang Fire are friends
Tiger and Rat are compatible

Coach: Otto Rehhagel : Life path Number 11 repeating 1 twice

Team Foundation: 1898
Chinese Year: Dog, Yang Earth
Yang Earth and Yang Earth are friends
the dog and the rat are compatible

Name Italy comes to 1; Year 2008=1
Coach: Roberto Donadoni Life path Number 1 and Personal Year Number 1

Ganesha's Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team