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The abnormal Transit of Moon

The abnormal Transit of Moon

In Vedic astrology, great importance is attached to Sun, Moon and their respective transitory position. Usually New Moon to full Moon takes place in fifteen days. Any deviation from this has its own major implication. In this month, journey of Moon from New Moon to full Moon takes place in mere thirteen days, instead of usual fifteen days. This phenomenon is a rare event. In traditional Vedic Astrology, this is not a good omen. Impact of this is experienced for three subsequent months.

Ganesha observes that this period usually adds to common man’s woes. As the events occur, they enhance hardships for common man as well as the government. People also have to bear the changing climate and its dire consequences. Draught conditions may be experienced in some parts. Scorching heat waves may see people restless. This leads to epidemic and other diseases in masses. Things of common use are likely to get dearer and scarce. Thieves and robbers enjoy a smooth ride during this time. This may result into heavy losses due to theft. Government is likely to face difficulty in implementing policies of general welfare. Sweeping changes in financial matters are likely to be observed. Law and order problems are likely to come up. Sensitive areas especially national borders may see a possibility of war-like situations. This may give rise to uproar and panic among the masses.

Prices of precious metals like gold and silver may go sky high. Stock markets world over are likely to see high amount of volatility. Investors may be confused about avenue of secure investment. White coloured commodities like cotton, sugar, milk prices may baffle consumers. Differences over controlling of co-operative society and sports body are likely to galore. Government employees may have hard time explaining their conduct. Well intentioned steps by government may run into controversy. Irregularity in financial matters at times is likely to see highlights in print and electronic media.

In short we may see adverse times for three subsequent months at different levels.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni