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Terdsak Jandaeng v Eric Canoy WBO Oriental featherweight title

Terdsak Jandaeng v Eric Canoy WBO Oriental featherweight title

It is very interesting to watch two famous boxers fighting for a title and specifically when it’s the WBO Oriental bout. Terdsak Jandaeng is going to face Eric Canoy of the Philippines on 27th July 2008 at Zamboanga City. Ganesha analyses the outcome of this match based on planetary positions.

Ganesha observes that this chart has Mars and Saturn in the Ascendant in a fire sign and Rahu in the sixth house. Seventh house Lord Saturn is placed in the Ascendant. Ganesha takes Eric Canoy as Ascendant and Terdsak Jandaeng as Descendant because the bout is going to be at Eric’s home country Philippines. Here, Ascendant is stronger due to Mars’ placement in the Ascendant whereas Descendant Lord Saturn is posited in the enemy’s sign in the Ascendant so Descendant is likely to lose. In this case Eric seems to win. Moreover, Rahu in the Sixth house indicates victory over the enemy so Eric Canoy has all the scopes of winning the game.

Sarvashtakvarga of the Event Chart


Ganesha observes that in the Sarvashtakvarga of event chart, Ascendant has less number of Bindus and Descendant has greater number of the same so Terdsak will be able to strike well. However, the 10th house has 43 Auspicious Bindus, which is the highest in this entire Sarvashtakvarga Chart. 11th house of Gains has 35 auspicious Bindus standing in favour of Eric. Considering Sarvashtakvarga, Ganesha finds that Eric Canoy may win in this boxing match and Terdsak Jandaeng may lose, despite good performance.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless both the players with amazing performance in WBO.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,