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Tamrine proves to be sour for Jelena Jankovic

Tamrine proves to be sour for Jelena Jankovic

On June 30, 2008, Mecca of Tennis was shocked to see a major upset. 31 year old Thai Player Tamarine Tanasugarn proved her mettle by beating the 2nd seeded Jelena Jankovic. Ganesha explains the astrological reason behind this major upset of Wimbledon 2008 using Vedic Astrology.

As both the player’s birth time is unavailable, Ganesha has taken Surya Kundli (horoscope of Sunrise time) into account.

Tamarine Tanasugarn
Date of birth:- May 24, 1977
Time of birth :- Unavailable
Place of birth :- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tamarine Tanasugarn Surya Kundli

Jelena Jankovic
Date of birth:- February 28, 1985
Time of birth :- Unavailable
Place of birth :- Belgrade, Serbia

Jelena Jankovic Surya Kundli


Transit chart of the match day

June 30, 2008

London, England


Effects of planets in the Event Chart on Tamarine and Jelena’s chart
Ganesha observes that the match began in Virgo Ascendant which is the 5th house of Tamarine’s Surya Kundli and it is the 8th house in Jelena’s Surya Kundli. As the Ascendant of the match beginning time was falling in Trine from Tamarine’s Surya Kundli and it was the 8th house of difficulties in Jelena’s Surya Kundli Tamarine was in a position of advantage. Secondly, transiting Moon was passing through Taurus over Tamarine’s Natal Sun and Jupiter. Transiting Moon was making favourable Trine Ascpect and was Sextile with majority of her planets whereas in Jelena’s chart, transiting Moon was making Square with Natal Sun and Mercury and was forming an opposition ascpect with her Saturn. Saturn is a natural baleful planet and has a tendency to slow things down. Transiting Moon making 180 degrees aspect with her Natal Saturn has played a major role in her defeat. Moreover, transiting Rahu is passing over her Natal Jupiter which is unfavourable for her. These are the reasons why she lost the game.

Tamarine’s way ahead in Tennis
Transiting Jupiter will be forming a Trine aspect with Tamarine’s Natal Sun from December 2008 and Rahu is already in Trine position with her Natal Rahu. Both the points are favourable for her career progress but Saturn is forming Square with Natal Sun and Jupiter. These factors indicate hard times and victory can be achieved only after facing difficulties. Ganesha doesn’t foresee her achieving further heights in very tough competitions till the end of the year, however, during the next year she may play very well. The period after November 2009 is going to be difficult for her as per Ganesha’s calculations. But till then she would play satisfactorily well, no doubt about that.

Ganesha wishes good luck to Tamarine Tanasugarn.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,