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Super Stellium – A Planetary War

Super Stellium – A Planetary War

In our Solar System, all celestial bodies are constantly rotating and revolting due to Sun’s magnetic force. Planets are constantly travelling on their own elliptical path around the Sun. They are physically locates at thousands of light years from one another. In Geocentric Model (looking celestial bodies from earth’s surface), when transiting planets conjunct with one another at one specific celestial longitude is called planetary war (Graha Yuddh).

The Surya Siddhanta is one of the earliest doctrine of astronomy of the Hindus. Its original version is by an unknown author. According to the Surya Siddhanta, Chapter 7 – Graha Yuddha Prakaran.

॥ ताराग्रहाणा मन्योन्यम स्याताम युद्ध समागमो ।।
समागम: शशाङ्केन सूर्येणास्त्मनं सह ॥

Ganesha notes that the transiting Mars and Sun will be in close conjunction on 18th April 2013 in the constellation of Aswini 2nd pada. Plus, a partial Lunar eclipse will occur on 26th April 2013 in Swati Nakshatra. Moreover, the transiting Saturn (will also be closer to the Earth) will be in an exact opposition to the Sun on 28th April 2013. Hence, various places and people ruled by the Sign Aries may get adversely affected.

The Zodiac Sign rules over the areas of Portugal, Spain, Egypt, North Africa, few cities of America and Pakistan. Violent actions or events / major accidents are likely to occur in any of these places. Due to the affliction of transiting Moon in Libra, extremist activities may rise significantly. Anti – social elements may also crop-up. Kings in the ruling authorities may suffer. Pisces represents water and grounds nearby water. Hence, middle to heavy natural calamities are expected nearby these places. Specifically, the geographic coordinates between 90E* Longitude to 180E* Longitude are likely to receive evil forces.

On 8th May 2013, five planets will become conjunct in Aries which may also be known as Planetary War. On 10th May 2013, An Annular Solar Eclipse will occur in Aries – Bharani Nakshatra. It will also receive the malefic aspect of the transiting Saturn and Rahu. Planetary War (Graha Yuddh) in astrology has been misunderstood by many prominent Astrologers.

Sage Parashara has classified Planetary War in 4 various types, Bheda, Ullekha, Amsu-mardana, Apasavya. According to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Chapter 29, Shloka 20….

अथ ताराग्रहाणां तु युद्धयतोश्च द्वयोर्मिथ : ।
बलान्तरं विजेतु : स्वं निर्जितस्य बले त्व्र्नाम ।।

Brihat Jataka also describes about the influence of Planetary War in Mundane Astrology. Aries sign represents Korea, England, Germany, Denmark, Palestine, Poland, Israel, Syria, Australia and Indo – China connected places. These places may get affected by the evil influence of this planetary war. Libra sign rules over China, Japan, parts of India near them; Austria, Persia, Caspian Sea, Some parts of America, Argentina, Burma, Canada, Siberia and Tibet. Thus, sudden change in climate or excessive heat waves may be expected in these places. The malefic forces of Solar Eclipse may affect the Southern Hemisphere of our globe.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,