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An extraordinary astrological event: Super Stellium in Aries

An extraordinary astrological event: Super Stellium in Aries

According to the Nirayana system of Astrology, from 14th April 2013 to 29th April 2013, a Stellium of four planets, namely, Sun, Mars, Venus and Ketu is operating in Aries. On 29th April 2013, Mercury also joins this group of planets, creating a super Stellium of five planets in Aries. This super Stellium of five planets is operational till 4th May 2013. Hence, the period between 29th April 2013 to 4th May 2013 is going to be very important.

Those born with the following Moon sign or Ascendant will be experiencing the effect of super Stellium to the fullest.

You should take good care of your health and be careful, advises Ganesha. Your mind is going to remain busy and perplexed during the said period. You may encounter differences or ego tussles with your life partner or business partner. Also, you have to keep your temperament under strict check, otherwise you may end up inviting troubles.

During this super Stellium, you may experience a rise in your concerns regarding your health and finances, says Ganesha. Also, owing to this super Stellium, your sexual drive may become stronger. If at all you are in a relationship outside a wedlock, things may become complicated for you. Also, chances of getting a scar on your body due to an accident or injury are also present.

This super Stellium is going to bring all your friendships in a state of flux. Old friendships may require a complete overhaul and misunderstandings need to be cleared off. Ganesha also points out that your worries regarding your children’s academic progress may also increase. This transit has the potential to give sudden financial gains or losses as well.

Your workload will increase substantially, however your mind and body wouldn’t be ready to handle the increased pressure. You will have no other choice but to cope up and keep on working harder. Temptation to change your job will also be high. Some of you will have to shoulder additional responsibilities, points Ganesha. Consequently, it will be hard to strike a balance between personal and professional life. You may also face some concerns regarding your parents.

Long distant trips are in store for you or you would be in regular touch with people residing in foreign countries. You may feel that luck is not supporting you as per your expectations. On the work front, you may be quite busy, but you will feel that you are not getting the desired results due to your elusive luck. Ganesha suggests you to begin a new spiritual practice.

During the period when this super Stellium operates, you will have to be extra careful regarding your health. Issues related to joint finances and inheritance may arise. You may receive sad news about a close relative or you will be in the blues for some reason or the other. This is a good period for those interested in occult and allied sciences.

During this super Stellium, you are likely to have an active social life. Those of you in business will experience worries about their prestige or brand image. Stress and imbalance in your married life may leave you down and out. Ganesha advises you to not to give too much importance to various events taking place in your life during this time, take everything in your stride and move on.

Job front will remain quite hectic for you. Those in business will also be hard pressed for time and will experience problems in liquidity flow. During this super Stellium, you may experience some health concerns as well and you may face trying times, courtesy your colleagues. Chances of misunderstandings with maternal relatives are also present. Ganesha feels that you will be drained physically or mentally, while this period operates.

Ganesha feels that you will be disappointed with your performance at work. You may be burdened with lots of work and this will make life difficult for you. Those in sports or in a creative field may get several opportunities. Students are advised to be extra careful in their studies, while this super Stellium operates.

Reluctantly, you will be dragged into some domestic issue that suddenly crops up during this super Stellium. You will have no other choice but to handle the arising situation. Health of parents can also be a cause of concern. Ganesha advises you to avoid confrontations with your parents. Lack of clarity on the work front may make you disinclined towards work and you may not at all like this situation. Besides this, your home may undergo renovation/repair or your vehicle may need to be fixed.

During this super Stellium, activities related to siblings or cousins may take the centre stage. Meticulous and detailed planning has to be done to avoid problems during a short distance trip. During this period, your mind may be busy thinking about various things. After some dilemma or confusion, something good and useful may emerge from this exercise, feels Ganesha.

Activities related to finances and family issues may come to the fore during this super Stellium. Some of you may experience unexpected financial gains or sudden expenses during this period. You may become loquacious and may actively express your desires, expectations and problems. However, you need to be careful not to hurt anyone’s sentiments while expressing yourself, advises Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,