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Stars in favour of the Master blaster this IPL, says Ganesha

Stars in favour of the Master blaster this IPL, says Ganesha

The Living legend of cricket and the master of records, Sachin Tendulkar, is undoubtedly the most respected batsman in the world of cricket today. His batting prowess makes him the greatest icon of international cricket. His precise shots, perfect balance and most importantly, his ability to anticipate, makes him the genius he is. Known for his nonpareil style of hitting the ball over square and his outstanding straight drives, he is equally good at orthodox shots and those improvised by himself. Besides his enormous ability as a batsman, he is a useful bowler as well as a dexterous fielder. Sachin, the captain of Mumbai Indians, has played his natural game in the first two seasons of IPL.

With IPL-3 returning to India, Ganesha uses Vedic astrology to predict the performance of the master blaster during this season of IPL:

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The most complete batsman and the biggest cricket icon of world Sachin Tendulkar will be passing Rahu-Venus-Jupiter period during the IPL season. Jupiter is debilitated but the debilitation is canceled due to its conjunction with exalted Mars. The transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 10th House and the transiting Venus is moving over the natal Mercury. So during this IPL season, he will bat with perfect balance, accuracy in strokes, and good anticipation. He will continue playing his signature strokes. Some of his finest performances may come between 20th March and 25th March and again between 6th April and 19th April. Years of international cricket might have taken a toll on his body, but he will have the capacity to bear the burden of expectations. He will be working harder in this phase due to which there can be some harm to his health. His energy levels will need constant watch.

May Lord Ganesha bless him.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,