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Saina is Destined to Shine Even Brighter; August 2016 Onwards Will Be a Dream Phase!

Saina is Destined to Shine Even Brighter; August 2016 Onwards Will Be a Dream Phase!

Once Jupiter enters the Sign of Virgo in August 2016, Saina may plan to expand her horizons even beyond the Badminton Court, and she may also find someone ‘interesting’ post this period.

Saina Nehwal – the Badminton Player who has held on to the incredible position of World No. 1 for quite some time now, is undoubtedly an iconic player and a super sport-person! What is the most amazing thing about this fiery shuttler is that she has achieved so much, which many are not able to accomplish even in their entire lifetime. Apart from bagging a lot of laurels, awards and prizes in various Badminton Tournaments, in the latest Padma Awards, she was conferred the Padma Bhushan – the third highest civilian honour in India! She is just 25, and with this speed and calibre, we can be sure that she will rise to even greater heights. This astrological feature by Ganesha explains what makes Saina such a strong force and also gives an idea of what lies ahead for her in the times to come. Read on!

Saina Nehwal – Badminton Player, Padma Bhushan Award Winner
17th March, 1990
Hissar, Haryana



Saina and the Stars…

  • Saina was born with the Sun in the Sign of Pisces, which makes her creative, innovative, emphatic, flexible and adaptable. This placement of the Sun also gives her a sense of simplicity and humility. She is always ready to learn and improve her techniques by practicing and adding new dimensions in her game.
  • Saina has Saturn as the Atmakaraka and her Karakamsa becomes Sagittarius. Saturn is Vargottama in her Chart, which means that that it is placed in the same sign in both the normal Chart as well as the Navamsha. Saturn is placed with Jupiter in the Karakamsa – and forms an extraordinary Rajayoga. Even in the Surya Kundli, Jupiter and Saturn are placed in mutual aspect to each other, which renders great power to her Chart. Due to such strong planetary configurations and especially due to such a dignified Saturn, she has a great deal of endurance, latent power and energy. She always put her ideas in practice. Her physical strength and mental endurance are indeed noteworthy.
  • Mars – the planet of force, energy, vigour, stamina, determination, sports and spirit, is exalted in her Chart, and is placed in the 5th House from Karakamsa, that too, in its own sign. A well-fortified Mars is always a boon for any sport-person. Such a powerful makes her aggressive, determined and focused and gives her the strength to stand against odds. It denotes the capacity to conquer the rivals. This is a fitting picture of someone who is successful in her field that too from a young age!
  • There are three planets in the Capricorn Sign in her Chart, namely Mars, Venus and Rahu. The strong Capricorn influence makes her resourceful, determined, methodical, tough, stubborn and persistent. In fact, it gives the practical ability allied with the drive of ambition to make her successful.
  • Another noticeable feature in her chart is the exchange between Mercury and Jupiter. This results into a strong Rjayoga called the Parivartana Maharajayoga! It indicates that she plans her game carefully without with great optimism and is thus able to achieve great results. This also explains her logical acumen. Because of her organizing abilities she is able to work on several aspects of her game simultaneously.
  • She was conferred with India’s third highest civilian award Padma Bhushan recently. The power of Saturn in the case of Saina has already been discussed earlier and it would be interesting to note that this honour has been bestowed upon her when the transiting Jupiter is aspecting the Atmakaraka Saturn in her chart. Saturn is one of the driving forces in her Chart. She had earlier expressed her anger publicly for not being nominated for the award, but then destiny has its own ways, we can say! She is passing through the mid phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati, delays and disappointments are there to frustrate her, and this may be the reason of her public outburst. But, eventually, the benefic aspect of the transiting Jupiter has helped her to achieve great glory in the form of the top honour!
  • It is undeniable that Saina still has plenty of the badminton firepower left in her, and she will continue to perform well in year 2016 as well . The transiting Jupiter will help her career significantly from August 2016. She is likely to regain her rhythm when Jupiter begins its transit in the Sign of Virgo. Till then, she may face some resistance and may not be able to get the desired success. But Saina will battle it out on the badminton court against the world’s best players and she will earn phenomenal success at the international level between August 2016 and March 2017. Her Rankings are likely to improve significantly and there are bright chances that she would again achieve the No. 1 spot. Saina Nehwal will be able clinch the international singles titles in major badminton tournament. However, she will be required to take extra care of her health and fitness till August 2016.
  • As the transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Saina’s Natal Venus and Mars, there will be chances of her entering a relationship after August 2016.
  • She will expand her horizon beyond her Badminton career in year 2016. She would also contribute to develop new generation of players through her badminton academy.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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