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Ricardo’s future bright during October 2008 and December 2009

Ricardo’s future bright during October 2008 and December 2009

The Brazilian footballer, born under the name of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, he succeeds Italy’s World Cup winning captain and defender Fabio Cannavaro and comes two years after the last Brazilian winner of the trophy, Barcelona’s Ronaldinho.

In 2003, he was under the influence of Antardasha of Saturn AC Milan, he cracked the starting line-up, and has remained there. His Series A debut was in a 2-0 Milan win at A.C. Ancona. He scored 10 goals in 30 appearances that season, as Milan won the Scudetto and the European Super Cup.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite born on April 22, 1982 in Brasilia, better known as Kaka, is a Brazilian football midfielder and 2007 Ballon d’Or winner who plays for A.C. Milan of the Italian Serie A. He has the fiery Aries ascendant, which gives him courage, boldness and aggressiveness and makes him powerful. The Ascendant Lord Mars is placed in the sixth house of competition. Likewise, the Lord of sixth house Mercury is placed in the first house which means that there is an exchange between sixth and first Lord. Thus, his horoscope becomes more powerful especially for sports.

Ganesha notes that Exalted Sun’s presence in the first house which is the Lord of fifth house of sport is favourable situation for wining. Currently, he is blessed from transiting natural benefic planet Jupiter which is passing through third house and is aspecting the fifth Lord Sun, sixth Lord Mars as well as fifth house of sports. This is the major positive planetary transit for his wining. Thus, he is expected to add individual honours to his latest club achievement when he flies directly from the Club World Cup to FIFA’s World Player of the Year gala.

Ganesha notes that he is currently passing through Antardasha of Jupiter in Mahadasha of Ketu. The period till October 2008 seems favourable for him and he will achieve great heights in sports. On the very positive side, his period between October 2008 and December 2009 is extremely beneficial. Because in said time he will be under the positive influence of Saturn’s Antardasha which is situated in the sixth house giving power to beat competitor. He can look forward to more such situations, feels Ganesha.

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