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Shastri may have a good year ahead at the office and may infuse great optimism in the team: Ganesha

Shastri may have a good year ahead at the office and may infuse great optimism in the team: Ganesha

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri, or simply Ravi Shastri has throughout his career been a colourful personality, with a prominent tinge of flamboyance added to his bright self. Standing at a towering height of 6’3”, Shastri made for a very unique batsmen and used to open the batting and was also a slow left-arm bowler. He is very famous for smashing six sixes in an over in a first class match and is the first Indian cricketer to do so! He always displayed a great sense and instinct as a leader, though owing to some reasons he couldn’t captain the Indian side for except for one test match. From the past decade, he has been one of the most liked and popular commentators in international cricket, with a very majestic voice and a distinct sense of expression combined with great diction. Making his way to the top smartly, he is the current Director of the Indian Cricket Team. He has been bringing in a lot of positve vibes to the Indian side, which has seen tectonic shifts in the composition after the exit of MS Dhoni as the captain and even other senior players. But, Shastri’s path has not been completely free of controversies and some issues. Ganesha in this article, with the help of his Solar Chart, predicts what the times ahead have in store for him. Take a look.

Ravi Shastri
27 May, 1962
Mumbai, Maharashtra




  • Ravi Shastri has Sun placed in the Sign of Taurus in his Solar Chart along with a retrograde Mercury. This results into a Rajayoga called Budh-Aditya Yoga. This makes him intelligent, capable, smart, tactful, wise, firm, decisive, patient and also somewhat authoritative and obstinate.
  • Mercury is in exchange with Venus and thus another Rajayoga called the Parivartana Yoga gets created between these two benefic planets. This gives him great communication skills and attractive presentational skills. No wonder he is so popular as a commentator and TV presenter. This placement also gives him good interpersonal skills.
  • He has Jupiter placed in the 10th House from the Sun. This is a very good placement of Jupiter, as this ensures that he remains in key positions of power and authority. This placement also gives him the administrative skills and the ability to tackle various issues, some of which may even be complex in nature. This placement also gives him good confidence and power of will.
  • Also, he has Mars in Aries. This factor makes him courageous, strong, physically fit and even makes him a person with an independent and self-reliant attitude. A strong Mars in the Chart also indicates a strong leadership potential, a tremendous driving force and great fighting spirit.
  • So, it can be observed that, he has all the required qualities and abilities to become a successful team director. But, will Shastri be able to sustain for long with this method and style of function?
  • Currently, the transiting Jupiter is passing through the 4th House from his Sun and aspecting the Jupiter and Moon, placed in the 10th House of his Solar Chart. His tenure as Team Director may make Team India capable of hard work and he himself will proceed in a systematic manner and deal with the situations with clinical precision and efficiency. His desire for tangible results may draw the Team to success. His strong desire for success and a positive approach may motivate the players to work hard.
  • However, when the transiting Rahu enters Leo, then there may be some challenges that may arise for him and this will particularly be applicable post February 2016. The Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in Leo may not augur so well for him. He will be quite logical in his thinking; but, in efforts, he may waver or be indecisive and that can cause problems. Due to the malefic effects of Rahu, he may feel confused about various situations.
  • He may also feel overburdened during the first half of the year 2016. At times his strategies, experiments and methods may bring controversies and criticism. And, he may not be able to derive the expected results particularly between February 2016 and June 2016. However, the period from July 2016 will again bring positive results and his efforts are likely to reap rich dividends for himself and also for Team India.
  • The transiting Jupiter in Leo will help him consolidate his position during the latter part of the year 2015. He will contribute significantly as the Team Director and will help Team India to reach greater heights. But, the period between February 2016 and June 2016 may remain challenging for him. During that phase, he might take some important decisions regarding his role in Indian Cricket administrative set-up . However, if he continues with his responsibilities, he is likely to create a more formidable position after June 2016.
  • It could be a roller coaster ride for Ravi Shastri. He may take Indian cricket to the next level with his aggressive and positive strategies. But at the same time, his approach may also bring troubles, opposition and criticism particularly during the first half of year 2016. He needs to be careful with his dealings and interactions with his seniors or higher authoritative members of the BCCI. He should take care that he doesn’t land up into arguments and misunderstandings with them.

Ganesha wishes Ravi lots of success in his future endeavours and also in general.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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