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Personlized Predictions For 2010,Remedies And Ideal Investment Sectors

Personlized Predictions For 2010,Remedies And Ideal Investment Sectors

|| Shri Ganeshaya Namah ||


‘May the new year bring in lot of good fortune for all of you’, with such a prayer lets have a look at the overview of the market trends based on the planetary transits.

  • Jupiter will transit from Capricorn to Aquarius i.e.,from on sign of Saturn to another sign of Saturn on 20th December, 2009
  • Saturn is transiting Virgo, the sign of Mercury
  • Rahu is in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign and will remain there during 2010
  • Mars transits a sign in just 45 days as it moves fast has become slow and is transiting Cancer, the Moon’s sign which happens to be it sign of debilitation. It will spend about 7 months in Cancer.

Based on the above-mentioned transits Ganesha feels that this year is going to be one for short term investors rather than for the long term investors and intradayers. Don’t go by the rumours and tips, do not take undue risks and limit yourself to aounts of money wherein you can take deliveries, advises Ganesha.

NOTE: This year will be difficult for Sagittareans, Geminians and Virgoans. People having Kalsarpa Yoga in their birth chart, those undergoing the Mahadasha of Rahu and the people having conjunction of Rahu-Moon or Rahu-Sun should be careful during 2010.

Never loose patience during this year. Don’t rush headlong into decisions. Ensure you stay away from losses throughout the year advises Ganesha.

Consecrate a Surya Yantra and perform pooja daily OR recite Gayatri Mantra daily OR recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra.

Favourable Sectors:
Paddy, Wheat, Wool, Rail. Steel Casting & Forging, Chemicals, Tobacco, Construction, Real Estate, Property, Detergents, Tiles, Marble.

There are chances of accidents and danger to life.

Consecrate a Shree Yantra and perform pooja daily OR recite Navchandi Paathand donate items that are white in colour like rice, kheer, etc.

Favourable Sectors:
Textile Mill, Readymade apparels, Jewellery, Food items, Media & Entertainment, Sugar

You will not be able to make good gains during the next one and a half years

Perform pooja of Durga, recite Vishnu Sahastranam and ignite a dhoop stick at twilight.

Favourable Sectors:
Printing, Stationery, Banking, Couriers, Telecommunications

During the first half of the year if the scripts you hold are able to fetch good prices, sell them off. Remain vigilant during December.

Perform Abhishk of a Shivalinga with cold milk OR perform abhishek of a Sh ivalinga with sugarcane juice while chanting the mantra of moon god.

Favourable Sectors:
Tea, Pharmaceuticals, Milk & Milk products, Roots, Vegetables, Silver, Coffee, Petroleum products, Plastics, Retail, Oil drilling & exploration, Paint.

Stay away from the pharma sector during the months of January and July as there are chances of loss.

Worship the peeple tree OR feed jaggery and wheat to a cow OR get maitra sukta recited by a brahmin.

Favourable Sectors:
Pharmaceuticals, Gold, Precious Metals, Yellow colour, Silk, Electrical appliances.

During the coming two and a half years try concentrationg on long term investments advises Ganesha.

Recite repetitively ‘Aum Namo Vishnave Namaha’ and perform a havan with Bilva leaves.

Favourable Sectors:
Textiles & Apparels, Jute, Coconut, News Agency, Trading, Transportation, Household appliances.

This entire year is lucky and fortunate for you.

Perform pooja of family diety and Mahalakshmi.

Favourable Sectors:
Textile & Apparels, Cotton, Sugar, Luxury Cars, Silk, Woolen garments, Diamond cutting.

Don’t get desperate and sell good scripts on basis of doubts or fear as there are chances of loss feels Ganesha

Recite ‘Atharvashish’ aand ‘Sankatnathan Stotra’ and offer laddus made of wheat flour to lord Ganesha.

Favourable Sectors:
Petroleum, Chemicals, Oilmills, Wheat, Liquour, Dry cells, Refineries, Nonferrous metals, Agricultural Chemicals, Granite.

During the coming one and a half years the share market will be a source of your misconceptions.

Trades leading to losses are a distinct possibility, says Ganesha. There are chances of ill health.

Recite Datt Bavni and consume yellow food items after puja.

Favourable Sectors:
Rubber, Tobacco, Tin, Wheat, Castor, Finance& investments, Shipping.

The new year will be positive but beware of unexpected expenses. March is a period for full caution

Recite Hanuman Chalisa, pray to lord Shiva, Light incense made of guggul and on Saturdays give alms to old beggars

Favourable Sectors:
Mining equipment, Coal, Lead, Black colour, Shares of transportation equipments, Steel.

The year be positive for you on the job front as well as the home front. You will be blessed with gains, feels Ganesha.

Recite Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak ot Sundarkaand, maintain a fast on Saturday and wear aeleven faced rudraksha.

Favourable Sectors:
Marine products, Electrical Equipments, Construction material, Compressor, Pumping equipments, Engineering and heavy Engineering Equipments, Tyre.

Don’t waste time on Technical & Fundamentals you may lose precious time for trading feels Ganesha.

Recite Guru Stotra OR GuruLeemarutOR consecrate a Guru Yantra and perform pooja.

Favourable Sectors:
Liquour, Pharmaceutica products, Pharmaceutical oils, Sugar, Edible Oil, Refinery.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni