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P. T. Usha – The Payyoli Express

P. T. Usha – The Payyoli Express

P. T. Usha, every Indian will generally be familiar with this name. Widely known as Payyoli Express, Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha was born in a small village of Kerala, India named ‘Payyoli’. She has been regarded as Queen of Indian Track and field. Ganesha analyses strengths found in her birth chart and also gives reason why she succeeded as an athlete. This analysis is based on Vedic Astrology System

Date of Birth : June 27, 1964
Time of Birth : Unknown
Place of birth : Payyoli, Kerala, India


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Ganesha observes that she has Mars in Taurus – in a fixed and earth sign. This gives her tremendous stamina. Mars is in Rohini constellation ruled by Moon and Moon is the fastest moving planet so it helped her to become a fast track runner. In her horoscope, signs from Sagittarius to Pisces rules legs. Sagittarius rules thighs where she has Ketu- a strong baleful- but the Lord of Sun sign Sagittarius i.e. Jupiter is in Aries – a sign ruled by Mars. Jupiter and Mars are good friends so that way also it’s a good disposition. If she was born at late night her Moon sign would be Sagittarius but if she was born after the Sunrise, her Moon sign would be Capricorn. Ganesha feels that her Moon sign would be Capricorn as this sign indicates hard work and persistence that an athlete requires. An Aquarius rules calves, ankles and tibia and she has Saturn in its own sign in an Aquarius. Though it’s retrograde, it’s getting stronger due to placement in its own sign. Pisces rules toes and feet. The Lord of this sign Jupiter is in Mars’ sign Aries. All these factors indicates a lot of strength in her legs. Moreover, Retrograde Venus, Rahu, Sun and Swagruhi Mercury are placed in Gemini. This sign rules upper arms, shoulders, breath, nerve fibres and lungs. An athlete needs to have a lot of strength in all these parts of body in order to be able to perform well. Stellium of four planets in Gemini provides Usha the required strength.

In 1984, Summer Olympics at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum P. T. Usha lost Bronze medal by a fraction of a second. Ganesha notes that Summer Olympics were played between July 28, 1984 to August 12, 1984. During this period, Transiting Jupiter was retrograde and was approaching her Natal Ketu. Transiting Saturn was in opposition to her Natal Jupiter. Mars and Saturn were making Trine with the Stellium in Gemini. If Mars would have made a hard aspect with the Stellium in her chart, she would have definitely won but she missed it due to lack of very hard aspects of transiting planets.

In 1981 while Jupiter and Saturn both were in Virgo making Square (a hard aspect) with the Stellium in Gemini, she won 2 gold medals at Pune, India and she also secured 1 gold medal at Hissar, India and 2 gold medals at Ludhiana international invitation meet.

While Jupiter was transiting over her Natal Saturn in 1986 she won Adidas Golden Shoe award in Seoul Asian Games. She won one gold medal in Malaysian Open Athletic Meet during the same year and also won 3 gold medals at Singapore in Lions Athletic Meet. Moreover, she won 2 gold medals at New Delhi in the four nations international meet.

Ganesha finds that due to her Natal strength and favourable planetary transits, she was able to make a very good career in athletics. However, Ketu’s position in the sign of Sagittarius (the sign that signifies luck and related factor in the Universal Zodiac) she was not able to reach to the top. Retrograde Saturn’s aspect on her Jupiter in Aries also slowed down her career but Mars in Taurus kept her going. She has Jupiter in the sign of initiation and Jupiter (signifies teaching) is the Karma Bhuvan, the Lord of her Surya Kundli, no wonder she runs a school of Athletics.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless P. T. Usha with great success in her endeavours.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni