Mitchell Marsh’s Smashing Runs in Finals: Did His Stars Make Him Do That?

Mitchell Marsh


Marsh, you beauty! Mitchell Marsh proved to be the key in Australia's 8-wicket victory over New Zealand in the 2021 T20 World Cup final. The right-handed hitter smashed an unbeaten 77 to lead Australia to their first title in the game's shortest format. But here’s the deal, even the stars were in full mood to support him. Let’s check how.

Mitchell Marsh, who was born on Oct 20, 1990, in Attadale, Western Australia, has an exalted Jupiter in his horoscope. However, Ketu is also present, which hinders his performance at times. Mitchell Marsh's planets were cheering him in the T20 World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand. On this day, the transiting moon passed in front of his birth moon, providing him with strength. That's why he played such an outstanding inning. In terms of his upcoming time, Jupiter is going ahead of Mercury and Venus. Saturn, on the other hand, will transit in the professional house. As a result, he may get average results. 

We can just hope that Marsh keeps marching forward and shining on & off the field! 


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