Can MI Outdo KXIP In The 50TH IPL Match, Know It From Ganesha

Published on May 16, 2018

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab
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Day on day, teams are clashing in the IPL series, triggering lots of excitement and enjoyment. Certainly, nobody is untouched by this grand festival event of Cricket. Now, Mumbai Indians are set to take on Kings XI Punjab on May 16th. While speculation is rife on who will win, Ganesha has invoked the stars to know the outcome. Find these predictions and get set for the great euphoria:

Event Details for the 50th IPL Match, 2018
Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab
Date of the Match: 16th May 2018
Match Time: 8 pm (In India) (2: 30 pm GMT)
Place of the Match: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

1. Key Players :

It is said that If we want to know which team will win the match, we should have a look at its players. However, this is not true entirely. It’s not just about the standard of players but also about how do they pool in their efforts. So, Mumbai Indians have RG Sharma, Ishan Kishan, RD Chahar, while Kings XI Punjab have AJ Finch, KK Nair, MA Agarwal. Let’s know who can be the winners.

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2. Toss Prediction:

Winning the toss does not offer a guarantee that the team which has won will get an advantage. However, toss is one of the few factors in cricket which can create some sort of undue advantage. Well, as per our prediction, Kings XI Punjab will win the toss.

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3. Match Prediction:

Kings XI Punjab will win the toss. But, if stars are to be believed, Mumbai Indians will win the match.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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