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Marital Bliss – Does it seem faraway?

Marital Bliss – Does it seem faraway?

Physical beauty or attractiveness, commendable educational qualifications, a prolific occupation, good social standing and generous material possessions could all be just the right ingredients for a person to be able to attract love or marriage proposals. Yet many such people too fail to get married or achieve marital bliss. If this or a related issue ails you or your mental peace, this article could guide and enlighten you with certain aspects of astrology that could be significant in delays, denials and frustration in marriage.

  • The first aspect that has to be considered is the Ascendant – this relates to one’s basic strength and disposition towards partnering.
  • The karak for marriage is Venus – its placement and strength in the natal chart indicates how one loves and relates with others.
  • Jupiter is the karak for children, support and fortune – its placement and strength determines if one would bear children (which implies marriage).
  • 5th House indicates whether one is likely to have a love marriage stemming from romance.
  • As per vedic astrology principles, 7th House, ruler of the 7th House and planets and Rashis in the 7th House indicate the type of marriage and type of partner one would incidentally have. It also gives indications of the characteristics of one’s partner.
  • Moon and the 4th House indicates how important and crucial the role softer emotions would play in one’s marriage and internal stability of home.
  • Mercury, the planet of communication indicates how well and clearly the partners would communicate both their desires and aspirations to each other, thereby making the home and hearth blissful.
  • Mars, ScorpioAries, 1st and the 8th House denote passion, sexual vitality and action, basically all that is essential to keep the wheels of marriage oiled.
  • Conjunction of Saturn and Mars augur harmful or negative aspects of passion, which could lead to the destruction of marriage.
  • Conjunction of Mars and Venus denotes sexual attraction between partners, passion, violence or conflict when afflicted.
  • Conjunction of Venus and Saturn indicates a marriage only by duty and thus implies a restrictive bond where there is not much joy and harmony in marriage.
  • Venus and the 12th House symbolize sexual pleasure within marriage and out of the marriage.

All of these aspects determine how well or ill disposed one’s stars are towards one’s marriage or making one’s marriage a bliss.

As someone so rightly said, ‘Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth!’. God and societal norms have their way of bringing together two completely disparate individuals through marriage. In fact, God sanctifies humans through marriage as by putting two people who are like sharp, jagged pieces of glass next to each other in consistent nearness, he helps them wear away the edges of selfishness, narcissism, self-consciousness, false idealism, anger, and other undesirable traits. In a marriage, people begin to live less for themselves as individuals, and more for the relations they create in a life long partnering of not just two individuals but two families and even more. This is also an evolutionary process for both the partners.

Most marriages follow the usual cycle wherein individuals fall in love, get married, have children and raise a family. Over the years, their love deepens, the bond strengthens, but the feeling of marital satisfaction waxes and wanes like the changing face of moon. During the “bad times,” there is more arguing and blaming, less sharing and touching, fewer moments of joy and appreciation. But many, thankfully, weather the storms, and some 50 percent of them do stay married.

What most couples do not realize is that there are things they can do, efforts they can put in to ensure better times than worse, to make riding out the storms smoother and easier by taking recourse to astrology even if the marriage itself initially had not been solemnized with a recourse to astrology.

A sad truth is that all marriages encounter problems and even teething troubles that cause conflict and long lasting strain on the lovely relationship. Among the most common problems could be the following:

  • Money – There never seems to be enough, or if there is, one person is upset about how the other spends it.
  • Sex – Many times the foundation of the relationship. It is the reason for which a close to 45 percent of couples seek marriage counseling. Usually, one partner desires sex more often and on different terms than the other.
  • Work – Partners may have different role expectations about who does what within and outside of the home, and hence the conflict.
  • Children – Couples may disagree over how to raise and discipline children and matters relating to children could cause major clashes.

Astrology can try and isolate the conditions that would make relationships thrive even in the worst of the cases.

There could be identifiable and specific reasons such as Shani in the first House which is also the Lord of the 7th House indicating and forbearing a delay in marriage.

Also, Venus, the karak of love occupying the 8th House in Navamsha in one’s astrological chart could cause a delay in marriage.

Using Vimshottari Dasa system, it could be found when one would be under the influence of “home” and its interpretation could signify that a near accurate approximation of the time of the marriage could be done. Also, predictions like the characteristics of one’s life partner and the level of luck that one would have after the marriage could be made quite accurately.

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