Mahendra Singh Dhoni: the double 7 leads to Twenty20 win

The world renowned astrologer and ardent devotee of Ganesha, Shri Bejan Daruwalla predicted the live captaincy and wonderful win of India in the ICC World Twenty20 final against Pakistan on the electronic media just five hours before the match!

In the tarot card, Dhoni represents the young prince and the chariot of power as Dhoni was born on the double 7, i.e. July 7.

The remarkable coincidence is that Dhoni was born on July 7, Ganguly on July 8, Gavaskar on July 10 and our own Bejan Daruwalla on July 11. WOW!!!

Also, just as Ganguly gave away his shirt, so did Dhoni in a humorous way. Even Daruwalla is ready to give away his shirt!

We all know that Sir Donald Bradman of Australia was certainly the world's greatest batsman. He had his Sun in Virgo according to Western astrology. Our Dhoni has his Moon in Virgo as per the Western astrology. It is quite a lucky coincidence.

On Twenty20, Daruwalla says that the tournament holds infinite promise of performance and great joy for our Indian team. Well done Dhoni! Well done India! Keep up the good work.