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Lorena Ochoa and Sania Mirza- the great Achievers

Lorena Ochoa and Sania Mirza- the great Achievers

Sania mirza and Lorena Ochoa, both are the great champions in sport. Both are born on the same date ie. 15th November. Only the birth year is different. Lorena ochoa is a Mexican golfer who plays on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour and is currently the number one ranked woman golfer in the world. In April 2007, Ochoa overtook Annika Sorenstam to become World number one ranked golfer While Sania Mirza is also well known tennis player and she won number of tennis matches. Ganesha gives a look at both Sania’s as well as Lorena’s Sun /charts.

Lorena Ochoa’s Sun Chart

Sania Mirza’s Sun Chart

Numerological forecast of both the powerful players.
Sania mirza:
Both have same Birth date 15, this means, 1+5= 6. This number is associated with responsibility and caring. The current year is 2007=9 indicating progress. Mars rules 9th Number. Sania Mirza’s name number is 8, which is in great harmony with his personal year number 8 indicating success.

Lorena Ochoa:
Lorena Ochoa’s life path number is 9 and current year is 2007=9 denoting grand success. Lorena Ochoa has now completed 26th year and entered 27th year. 2+7=9
That’s why she is number 1. Lorena Ochoa’s name number is 1 thus she may do well in year 2008=10.

As they both have 8 as year number, they play with great discipline and focus.

Sania Mirza-Prediction for 2008
From April 2008 to September 2008, transiting Jupiter will be retrograde and will be passing through ninth house from Natal Moon. In her chart, Jupiter is also retrograde. From April 2008 to September 2008, transiting Jupiter will be retrograde. Thus, this favourable transit will give her desirable result in sports. Ganesha also notes that after April 2008, transiting Rahu will be in Capricorn and it will be passing over the Natal Rahu, which also denotes progress and desirable result. Because of all favourable planetary transits, she will achieve great heights during 2008.

Lorena Ochoa-Prediction for 2008
Ganesha points out that she is always positive to have the force of Jupiter on her side. During next year, she will be blessed by transiting Jupiter. Saturn’s transit is also favourable. She will find herself very energetic during next year and may win some important Golf tournaments. She will be honoured during that transit. That means that time will come for the better singing. Jupiter, the significator of charity is in 1st house. This may make her charitable and helpful to the needy. Financial position would be better. New visions of the future are likely to come with the coming year.

Both players will achieve great heights of success in next coming year. Ganesha wishes all the luck and may Lord Ganesha bless both of personality.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,