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Lekha Washington to play a long innings at Bollywood, says Ganesha

Lekha Washington to play a long innings at Bollywood, says Ganesha

After bowling over millions of cricket enthusiasts across the world, in general, and India, in particular, as an anchor for the recently concluded T-20 World Cup, Lekha Washington, 25, is set to be a treat, again, to the eyes of Hindi film enthusiasts in her debut Bollywood film Peter Gaya Kaam Se. But this is not her first affair with the cinema. A budding film maker who learned film making from NID-Ahmedabad, she has already played the role of a leading lady in an English film, Framed, by an independent director, Chetan Shah. She has already earned accolades for her performance in the film, Jayam kondaan. Her other film ventures are: Kettavan, Vedam and Rakkozhi.

In Peter Gaya Kaam Se, she plays the love interest of Rajeev Khandelwal (Peter), who is also the host in controversial reality show Sach ka Samna, and the chemistry between the two has attracted interests of rumour mongers and tabloids. It remains to be seen if their on-screen relationship will amount to something off screen. But, it has already generated a lot of interest, which can be good for the film.

Directed by John Owen, Peter Gaya Kaam Se is set to release in 2010. Will Lekha be able to make a mark in Bollywood? Ganesha uses vedic astrology to predict the fate of Lekha Washington

Lekha Washington
Date of birth: 30th April, 1984
Time of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Chennai, India

Lekha Washington’s Surya Kundli


Astrological Points

  • Venus, the significator of love, is associated with Moon, exalted Sun and retrograde Mercury in Lekha’s chart
  • Though Jupiter, a natural benefic planet, is retrograde in its own sign Sagittarius, it is placed with Neptune and forms favourable trine with Stellium of planets in Aries.
  • Saturn is exalted but it is in strong opposition with Stellium of planets in Aries
  • Transiting Rahu and Ketu are currently in square with Stellium in Aries, and from the last quarter of the year, Rahu will be transiting over retrograde Jupiter in Lekha’s chart.

Lekha’s future as an actress

  • Lekha has a bright future as an actress with Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries. Her laid back attitude, however, signified by exalted Saturn in Libra in its sign of retrogression indicates that if she takes things easy, she will not be able to progress faster.
  • In short, her efforts will have to be persistent
  • When her film will release in 2010, Rahu will be transiting over Natal retrograde Jupiter. Because of this factor, Ganesha feels that this film will have some bold sequences, which will give her quick fame. She will, however, have to be very tactful while talking to the media because her statements could stir up a controversy.
  • May 2011 onwards, she has a bright future. Till then, she might feel as if she is struggling. Once Jupiter enters Aries in May 2011, Lekha’s progress will be much faster, by the Grace of Ganesha.
  • Lekha Washington’s performance in Peter Gaya Kaam Se will be widely appreciated and film fans will welcome this new face with warmth.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless Lekha Washington with a successful career ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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