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KKR Vs CSK Match Prediction: Who Will Win 29th IPL Match 2019?

KKR Vs CSK Match Prediction: Who Will Win MI or RR? 29th IPL Match

KKR Vs CSK Match Prediction: Who Will Win KKR Vs CSK? 29th IPL Match

The Kolkata Knight Riders are in the second position at the moment. They are an excellent team and have been playing consistently well. The Knight Riders are known for their precise strategies. Shikhar Dhawan is a very unique player who can outplay any opponent. He is thorough with his knowledge of the game and has found a way to execute it beautifully. The Chennai Super Kings, they’ve lived up to their name in every game. Even if they tend to lose a game, they are applauded for their champion like efforts. This match is going to be very interesting since both the teams involved are in superb form and will put forth a tough fight. However, luck also plays a preeminent role. Who do you think luck will side with in the 29th IPL match 2019? Will it be the Kolkata Knight Riders who will beat the Chennai Super Kings? Or will it be the other way around? Ganesha has carefully analysed the game. Let’s find out what He has to say about KKR Vs CSK match prediction.

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Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings

Date of the 29th IPL Match: 14-April, 2019
29th IPL Match Time: 4 pm (In India) (10:30 AM GMT)
Place of the IPL 2019, Match 29th: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India

Team’s Key Players: KKR Vs CSK Match Prediction

According to Ganesha, the key players from the Kolkata Knight Riders will be AD Russell, RV Uthappa & Kuldeep Yadav. And the key players from the Chennai Super Kings will be DL Chahar, F du Plessis & RD Gaikwad. Who do you think will win the toss KKR or CSK? Read to find out!

IPL 2019: KKR Vs CSK Toss Prediction

As per Ganesha’s findings, the toss between KKR and CSK, will be won by Kolkata Knight Riders.

KKR Vs CSK Match Prediction: Who will Win KKR Vs CSK in 29th IPL Match

According to Ganesha, the team to win the 29th IPL match 2019 will be Kolkata Knight Riders.

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